It could be the start of a Dyson Sphere being built or something to keep us safe from the MorningLightMountain smile

But i might read a little to much sci fi smile

Oh My Giddy Aunt! Them Ship Explosion!!!

I feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

That's strange, it worked fine for me but that was a few months ago now.

I'm sure it will get looked into.

Hallow :-D

Just in time for the BBQ this weekend.

nwood#2177 posted (#post-3185)

ooo ... I like booze.

I'm also toying around with Metis this week. Jupiter should make an interesting set piece :)

Metis isn't that Jupiter's closest moon? I would imagine gravity would be come a real issue that close to a gas giant.

That's the million dollar question lol

It is tricky when we don't have much to discuss but I'll give it ago ;-)

Pick 10 of the most active members for honorary Alpha Status

(Obviously full NDA acceptance and private section in the forums)

The game shows great promise so picking Moderators who work closely with you and other members of the team,

Moderators should be :-

Committed to the community.

Believe in what you are doing.

Polite and friendly.

Always willing to help their fellow members.

Help drive the discussion.

Able to keep things polite for everyone.

Just the small insight the Devs have shown in this thread has been great, I hope they can keep it up.

Have the Devs ask us questions , for example "I'm having trouble with ..........." Or " who wants a sharks mouth on their ship?" Anything like that will get us all talking.

That should get us started :-)

Darkloser#6427 posted (#post-3117)

You should remember that this game is about capital ship mainly. The fighter part is just an "extra", and should remain like this, or it will end up like a "regular" space opera. The capital ships should always be the main playable thing.

Yeah I get that, Just trying to brainstorm and think outside of the box, I know this might not be a credible mode but not much else to talk about at the moment :-)

When playing the normal 5 vs 5 you might not always get that WOW factor for how massive a dreadnought is, In Team Elimination you get that chance so it might be another way.

Yager have invested a descent amount of time and money into the fighter models, it seems to me they might be more then just a gimmick but who knows what they have planned.

Hope so Nathan, I always enjoy the insight when it comes to building maps.


So I've been trying to think up a new game mode that will be somewhat different from the normal modes and fit in with dreadnought.

This game mode will have one capital ship and four or more fighters per team and some resource management,

The game mode would be best suited to a small map.

Goal :- kill the enemy capital ship.

Roles :- fighters - the fighters as you would expect preform as normal, defending or attacking the enemy but also using abilities that become available from the capital ship.

Capital Ship - The captain doesn't directly get involved in the battle, instead they must manage ship resources in two ways, first they will be using a slider system allocating a workforce into each resource so they always have a steady income but can also prioritise when needed.

The second way could involve a mini game (i.e snake) for each resource type allowing the player to boost one resource at a time, maybe two game types, steady (low risk low reward) and panicking (high risk high reward).

Resource type : - first resource should be fighters so you can replenish your squadrons so your teammates can spawn in (this should be the easiest resource to get)

Next I was thinking about some kind of artillery, the fighters can call for artillery when attacking the energy capital ship (missile Strike) or defending (some kind of antiaircraft area flak) but both draw from the same pool.

Last but not least intelligence, this quite simply gives you someone to do when everything else is going to plan, intelligent slowly removes the fog of war, or give you a early advantage at the beginning of the game for spotting your foe.

It's epic being able to kill other capital ships with capital ships but the big kid in me wants that moment from Star Wars, X Wing vs something much bigger :-)


WHAT? Your in the alpha?

Welcome RicJur - Happy Hunting Sir.