Honestly, getting in now would only leave you with disappointment

Look, just post another "reversing course" thing, revert to what everyone liked, why torch what you have now for a money grab that could end you out high and dry?

Why couldn't you have done a different system? There are hundreds of posts that guide you, the devs through making a new system that makes people happy, and you money. But alas, you "stuck with it" and now everyone's jumping ship.

Sadly I feel like the PS4 Announcement is only to get unsuspecting players at this point, isn't that sad? Not what I said, but that that's how I'm reacting to this news based on YOUR feedback?

Why have a closed beta/alpha if your just going to throw all of that experience away and act like nothing happened?

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Join us over at the discord!

Sharkytrs#6573 posted (#post-51802)

also inertial dampening should be off in space. That would make it more interesting on the levels in orbit.

Only if we have Q and E strafing (which I'm against)

Otherwise ships would just float to the side everywhere, there should be an option to temporarily turn it off, so you can build up speed, turn it off, rotate to face an enemy, and strafe side ways. Then you can turn it on to change your direction quickly

Q and E strafing would just make whack a mole to the sides of buildings.

Right now we have a huge issue, and while I and many others have written plenty about the issues, there still seems to be a lack of communication from the devs.

If I had to boil everything down to 1 issue. The one thing we want changed that would have the most amount of impact.

It would have to be removing the tier system.

It will be VERY simple in what needs to be done:

1: Remove tiers

2: Match make by level and skill

3: Make each subclass of ships unique, (ie. one has heavier armor and is slower, another one has more energy.)

There, done. And if that's too brief, heres a full write up:

Also I'm 100% "upset" (I'm more than upset) at the devs for locking the modules into these categories, that's a giant middle finger to customization and any kind of joy in building our ships.

Here you go

A complete write up of what we want, what's wrong, and how to fix it.

CtrlAltWheee#2640 posted (#post-58395)

Ah, fair point. There's a great post somewhere making this same suggestion with a graphic. Maybe it was you that created it.

The old way had some good things going for it that I hope do survive. It allowed players to get to customizing modules, cosmetics, and fleet much faster. In the current system, 100k credits to buy the next tier ship, just so you can spend another 100k credits or more to customize it sucks.

Nope, but I fully understand what it is, and how to implement it, and I will scream it at the top of my lungs!

I actually disagree, just on the fact that when its changed, we should go back.

I think the absolute best idea for Dreadnought to do, is make each ship in the subclasses, unique.

Take destroyers as examples. They are main line ships right? ready for any role?

Make them different:

Missiles (2 missile slots),

Escort (Heavier armor, slower, closer to a dread),

Flanker (Lighter, little less damage, but here comes dat ram)

Normal (as is now)

Artillery (more damage, less speed, and health, better range)

(heck ill go past 5)

Brawler (more focused on close range and warping in)

Auxiliary (More energy, can stay in the fight longer)

Striker (everything to damage! torpedo all the ships!)

Why cant we have these ^^^^ And use a tech tree for them? We don't want straight upgrades, we want uniqueness, and the ship models are plenty different now to implement these changes!