I don't even know where to I wont, I am out. I will be around Discord for a while (as a normal member), then I am gone for good.

See you in in the future Captains

An objective game mode is coming, no date as to when, but DN_Nwood keeps teasing us about it. They are hoping it will be the game mode for Dreadnought.

Strafing is not in by design. They have had prototypes with strafing in it and did not like it. It had something to do with it being too easy to take cover and just hover around the cover at all times, in addition to positioning ships and guns was way easier.

Greganator#9777 posted (#post-28338)

Soo how are the points in tdm calculated because what i can tell its 27 kills that's 100 yet one game i played my team had 25 kills yet our score was 45 by the end and another we got 100 and the other team had 90 yet we both had 27 kills is this a bug or is there some other calculations that go into this?

Death is what gives you the points. One death on your team is 5 points to the other team, regardless how it happened (even a self nuke). Multiple players can get a "kill" if the damage was the same, or if someone else but the one that did the most damage gets the final shot. It is to avoid encouraging kill-stealing, and not letting those who finish off the weak targets get all the points.

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Thanks for the info ET. The discord link seems broken, but that's neat I hadn't heard of them before. See if this one works smile

Ironwill#3334 posted (#post-28340)

what is the server address?

Just click the link in the first post?

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What framework are you using? If it's something I'm familiar with, I can give it a go! Design is not my forte, but implementation can be done in no time!

I actually have a designer that has helped me out and designed the site to a large extent. It was close to done, but you know what they say the last 10% is 90% of the work. Me and the GF broke up a week ago meaning I need to get rid of the appartment and divide stuff, then I have to hunt for a new place to live. So yeah, time is an issue. I don't mind pitching in with knowledge of how the game is structured and what not, but I can't run it anymore.

Technology wise it is Elixir using the Phoenix framework, so pretty obscure. It originally just started as a fun project, then I got carried away...seems like I won't have time to finish it. I have passed on the data to Devastrator, which will hopefully put it into a wiki and make it look decent smile If anyone else plans a wiki or something like that, let me know.

The current interface is more "effectiv (less clicks to do more) but is way more broken then it was in Pre-Alpha/Alpha. Not to mention the forced tutorial is terrible. Overall I see where they want to go with this and hope it to be a case of "it has to get worse before it gets better", but I can't say that I am entirely pleased with it. The store is also web-based compared to the hard-coded one in the past, so this is a better foundation, just needs more work.

There is a story and lore behind ships. However it is mostly hidden in flavor text at the moment, they do have a "lore" it is probably still being fleshed out.

After purchasing it try going to the loadout and customization menus and clicking buttons there, as those are the "intended" next steps. If you still have issues I would recommend creating a support ticket.

I am pretty sure the elite days stack, however I do not believe there is any compensation for the Dreadnought. I have both, will let you know