Darzok#8593 posted (#post-4049)

I hope so i dislike having to pick a new name can take days or more to come up with a good one.

Since we have a number behind our names I assume they are not unique anyways? So duplicates are possible

Thanks for the recap :)

I am having hard time finding a VoD on Twitch. Anyone have a link to share? I spent most of Sunday traveling home :(

I loved them all at Gamescom, but the Tactical and Dreadnought were definitely the most fun :) Especially with some friends.

Excellent, will make sure to pop in once we can actually play smile

Seonnyn#0091 posted (#post-4119)

Hi and welcome.

I also played 3 matches just on saturday and totally loved the game. Which classes did you play and which is your favorite so far?

I pretty much loved them all. I would however have to say that the support and heavy were my favorites. Support ships are really the game winners though, at least on a beginners level. I even played the support ship aggressively a couple of games. That beam melts smaller ships

What ships did you enjoy?

I tried this on a whim and absolutely loved it. I think I ended up going there every day, and playing like 5-6 matches just on Saturday. Definitely the best surprise out of all the games I tried. I got to talk a lot to Sean(?) about everything, still pretty bummed out I had already bought concert tickets and could not go to the community event.

What are the current community resources and places to hang out? I made an IRC channel over on Quakenet if people want to join. Name is Dreadnought.

Happy to answer any questions you guys might have when I get home to Norway :)