Currently only a set number of people are allowed to stream and publish information about the game. This lasts until April 29th at 9:00AM CST, after that it is open to everyone. A list of the pre-approved streamers can be found here

There are a couple of big names in there, but the majority of streamers are long time community members and followers. It's kind of their way of saying "thanks"

First of all I would like to welcome old and new Captains to the Beta! Can't wait to shoot you all out of the sky, it is going to be a blast! (hue hue)

During the Pre-Alpha we had an unofficial Discord server set up so that people could talk about the game, ask for help, and team up. Discord is very similar to Teamspeak and Ventrilo, but has great support for text chat as well. Text is our main source of communication outside of the game. So even if you are not comfortable speaking English don't be afraid to join, we have people in all timezone and different countries on the server! Heck English is my third language.

If you plan to use it actively for voice chat while playing I highly recommend that you download the desktop client from here

See you in space Captains!

Welcome to the forums captain!

The game has dedicated servers i.e the match is not hosted by the players themselves. There are several game modes, no info on custom matches.

The game will be free to play with real money to buy cosmetics. Which seems to be a very popular model these days.

A post was made on twitter, which seems to hint at a dev stream between April 11 and April 19.

Curious what they will be talking about, hope there is some awesome news smile

You need to have been invited and enter a code to play the game.

No, but I can report it and the mod team will probably see and move it smile

If you have Alpha, you will have Beta

Contact support smile

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That links to the Alpha forum which he probably does not have access too smile Currently there are no revealed specs, you can assume that the minimum settings will be at least (it can be higher) what the Unreal 4 Engine requires.

They use the Unreal 4 Engine which is intended to be used with DX11 at the lowest. However if you do a google search there is a way to make it run in dx10. It might work, or it might not....worth a try if you want to play bad enough