Scarabrae#7893 posted (#post-19406)

Will i be able to access the alpha?

The game has been installed on my HD for three days now and not once have i been able to join a server, i would also point out that living in the EU means that playtime if the servers come up (before going down again) is usually around 3 to 4 in the morning!

Oh and if anybody chimes in with "this should be in the alpha discussion blah blah" please illuminate me by adding a link, because i can't find a stand alone alpha only forum anywhere!

It is a separate section on these forums, it should be visible like all other topics. it sounds to me like you got an invite but never used a code to activate your account? I suggest you contact support, servers are up until Sunday during this Alpha session.

Badyuyu#1171 posted (#post-19381)

Sorry for the silly thread I just tried Dreadnought and it absolutely isn't for me but (especially in Alpha phases) I always like to leave feedback on why. SO where would the appropiate chanel for that be? : )

Thanks in advance


Provide feedback under the Alpha section under General Feedback. Just create a new thread and leave your impressions. I bet the devs will appreciate it smile Thanks for playing, nothing wrong with not liking a game. Feel free to try it again when it is in a more complete state.

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I usually don't join game forums, heck, I hardly even play games; but when I saw the YouTube vids for Dreadnought I absolutely fell in love with it. I was so disappointed when I found out the game was in only in Alpha stage, it already looked terrific, but great things take time I suppose. Is there any particular way for one to gain Alpha access, or is that only for in-house? Appreciate your feedback!


Sign up for Beta smile

Normally Alpha players are picked from the signup pool at random.

I am shamelessly bumping this as I am interested in what people are up to, if anything.

If this is the case your best bet is to send a support ticket:

Seen some threads on this issue, seems to have started in alpha 3 :/

You can't download it freely at this point. The game is under alpha testing, so you have to sign up and wait for an invite. Release is set to end of this year.

Real life decided to throw me a curve ball. However if anyone is planning a database site in the future we have done a lot of "pre-work" for gathering data and what not. I am also glad to helping out, but sadly I can't be the one organizing it. Discord and Reddit is keeping me busy with my sudden reduction of free time smile

It's good that you chose to inform GreyBox (and fellow members) that the NDA is unacceptable, but you are in the wrong section bud. The NDA only lasts during Alpha anyways, so you can always come back once it lifts if you wish to do that smile

Not saying it's going to solve all your problems, but have you tried the Discord server in my signature? smile

Have you checked your spam folder, or your other tabs if you use GMail? smile The forums seem to be having some weird issues as well.