atrOx#8127 posted (#post-16435)

Just got a mail "Get ready for the Dreadnought Alpha!‏"

But no code to redeem? How will it work?

Check your spam or other tabs if you are using GMail

Dreadnought is 64 bit only

Welcome the short answer is: no, you will not need to reapply. Check out the F.A.Q located here:

That Discord is under NDA and only for testers. I feel bad for excluding a part of the community, however it allows us to have more organized gameplay and provide better feedback to devs.

It will naturally be made public as soon as NDA lifts. I can't prevent other people from creating a public Discord if they want to smile

Just wanted to point out that this is the wrong section guys. Alpha feedback should go under the Alpha forums due to NDA smile

statton-iv#9853 posted (#post-16187)

so how do you get to play this game?

Sign up for the Alpha/Beta through the signup on the website. The game is currently in an Alpha testing phase. They pick random people from the Beta signup list every week or two to increase the playerbase or get fresh feedback.

Slimak81#0619 posted (#post-16134)

Hi all , is the game available in steam ? How to buy early access ? I pressed beta sign up, filled the form but no confirmation on e-mail it looks like i even didn't apply for beta.

You do not get a confirmation e-mail, only a confirmation in the browser when you sign up smile

Every MMO has early access for money , where to buy ?

There is no early-access yet as the game is still in an Alpha stage, probably once it hits BETA.

Where can i find minimal system requirements ?

They have not been published anywhere, the game is still in early development, so even if you do find some system requirements, they will hopefully be lower in the future

Is this game similiar to Fractured Space?

Never played Fracture Space but checked some videos, I would say, no? It seems a bit faster paced than Dreadnought?

I would suggest you guys create a ticket with support describing your problems:

Due to the NDA nobody is really allowed to share information about the game outside of what we know from conventions and approved media. So you are sadly going to have to wait a bit longer smile

However there are some Wiki's around, not sure how updated the information is:

I am working on a site myself with that kind of information, but sadly you can't share much due to NDA smile

Con attendees are not under NDA so those playing the PAX South build can probably answer. Sadly I am not one of them.