Pre-Alpha were friends , family and eager con attendants. Alpha players are picked out from the Beta signup pool. So you are technically signing up for both. They are inviting more people with each new test session. I suspect it's just random luck, as it does not have much to do with when you signed up.

The signup is a bit weird like that. It just confirms on the website and you never get a confirmation email. Also Pax South decal? Did not know that was a thing

The sign-up system is a bit wonky. You never get an email, just a confirmation on the website itself smile Dosen't hurt to go sign up again.

Glad to see content creators willing to do stuff for the game, but the game is currently under NDA (as you mentioned) and we don't know for how long. The NDA might also not be retroactive, meaning any old footage can't be used unless it is recorded after the NDA lift :/

Just a heads up to all content creators out there smile

You should check out the Discord server, there are always captains willing to play smile It's in my signature

It's because the servers are down, if you have access to the Alpha forums you will have access to the game.

Chris#9390 posted (#post-10851)

Should the code be in the email?

In my email is no code smile

Did something went wrong or am I not in the Test-Pool anymore?

If you were a Pre-Alpha tester and don't have access to the Alpha forums then your account is not working properly. Send a message to support or pm DN_Tamat or DM_EmptyTuxedo.

I suggest you send a ticket here:

So they are at least informed that it is an issue.

ronk1#1120 posted (#post-10799)

are we allowed to promote the game without saying anything about any mechanics or matches or any of that? i know quiet a few people in my clan would love this game.

Yes, a lot of the game is public knowledge after all. Just not the finer details

itsmebryan#3856 posted (#post-10519)

I just figured it out.

You download the installer

then choose view download

right click on installer

choose run anyway

It will give you a blue screen and another warning

Then you will see more option or info I forget

when you choose that it will give you the run anyway option and the game will install.

I don't know why he just didn't tell you that.

He has figured out how to install it, he is just hesitant to actually install it, and wonders why he is getting those warnings smile

It's the exact same thing as the Windows 7 they just wanted to make it seems "scarier", I guess. It's naturally up to you if you wish to run it or not, I received the same popup the first time and it has been running fine.