I can see some opportunities here. In some of Homefront's multiplayer modes, there was a system that upgraded your status based on how well you were doing. For example, get enough kills, and the enemy would be alerted to your area of operations and be awarded if they brought you down. However, this is all built around the idea that you can gain currency within each battle for use towards perks and advantages that disappear once the battle is over. So far, I don't think I've seen anything in Dreadnought that works that way, either in the form of currency or killstreak abilities.

Perhaps as a disincentive against preying on new players, you could gain bonus experience based on the level of the target you defeat.

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-7027)

Yo, I get your point and understand the idea, the concept behind this^^

Yep, Dreadnoughts have Warp-abilities, but there are 2 mainreasons why I still slightly disagree (bc. of Dreadnoughts smile ).

A) the Warp takes ~2-4s to charge up, and then you jump (and you only jump where the nose of the ship is pointed, so you have to turn around your ship to get behind an asteroid/behind cover to be repaired mostly, I think)

and smile the Warp takes up 1 ability-slot, to be precise I think it takes up the ability of anti-missile-lasers. So all in all, if a Dreadnought wants to be really combat-oriented, he will most likely take the anti-missile-lasers, bc. if multiple enemies target him and fire their missiles, the lasers can shoot them down.

You could also take the Warp, but I would use the Warp for a more close-combat-dirty-Dreadnought, with Warp, Broadside, Missiles and Nuke.

So go in, use Missiles and the Broadside, fire the Nuke at nearby enemies and warp out.

So the Warp is used a clutch to get in or to get out quickly, if needed.

Ahhh, thanks for explaining all of that. Makes the whole thing clearer for me : ) And now I can see that I may have been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (i.e. trying to justify the healing idea by playing the dreadnought in a way it's not designed to be played).

It does make me want to explore the idea of a map having a repair station, though... smile Well, perhaps not a repair station, since it seems like all damage can be reversed quickly by a Tactical Cruiser. I'm picturing something like a docking bay that can be Captured by one side or another that would confer a bonus, either a temporary one for the entire team, or a buff on one ship that lasts until its death? Once Captured, the bay could (re)spawn two defensive turrets to deter enemies while a friendly ship goes in for 10 or 15 seconds, and when it emerges it would have an upgrade of some sort. This might be a topic already covered under different game modes though..

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-4524)

And these pesky Corvettes could be damaged heavily when a flame-cloud hits them, harharhar smile

I really like this idea of having constant environmental hazards, which I assume would be easier to implement than levolution. Using the thread's example of an industrial setting: perhaps an area above a series of factory chimneys could be saturated with pillars of smoke that act like a visibility curtain for ships to run through? It could essentially be as a smokescreen, obscuring units from being easily seen and shot at. Beyond just running through it for safety, it could also be used to set up ambushes (especially if objective-based modes are later released that encourage or force units to move through such places, which would increase the value of scouting). The greatest difference between that and simply flying behind cover would be the risk of the aforementioned "flame clouds," with the factories sporadically spouting fiery bursts of damage.

Similarly, I don't know if this has already been brought up, but how about a map with very low visibility? The nebula missions in Freespace 2 come to mind, where you can hardly see where you're flying as your fighter scouts ahead, and your radar's distance is significantly reduced. Again, it would place a much greater emphasis on reconnaissance and team communication.

Edit: /sigh. Note to self: search the forums before posting, not after... (just saw the thread on cloudy maps with static storms at )

I just noticed that actually, they do have it working at this point: . I want to say that the red fist is a bit hard to see, but at least the mechanic is in there.

With regards to landmarks, I'll have to take your word for it. It just seems like it could be a tad difficult to accurately and succinctly describe which ridge or structure or asteroid I'm looking at. I think it'd be interesting if you could toggle a topographical overlay on the mini-map for reference, but that might be awkward for the space maps.

In various other combat settings with groups of large units, conventional wisdom holds that focused fire is the most efficient way to reduce an enemy force (for example, in Homeworld, you want to reduce the number of enemy frigates as quickly as possible, so you might concentrate all of your firepower on the enemy ships one by one). Will there be a way to quickly call targets for the rest of your team? (e.g. In X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, there's a function to inform the rest of your squadron as to who you're targeting, and they can accept a prompt to immediately bring up the same target in their HUD). In Dreadnought, maybe that would take the form of: I zoom in on an enemy, press button A, and then my teammates receive a choice to press button B, which then outlines that enemy in red for a brief period of time (and if they're outside my field of vision, a red arrow appears indicating which direction the target is in).

On a similar note, I'm curious as to whether there will be any way to ping or draw notes/plans on the minimap? If, say, you wanted to point out to your team where you last saw an enemy cruiser before it disappeared behind cover.

Edit: I've heard on the streams the devs saying "Focus fire, guys" during gameplay, and I noticed that the in-game chat had some seemingly predetermined responses ("On my target," "Regroup at my perimeter," "Over there!"), but that kind of communication hadn't been clear to me during the battle. Did I miss a part where they explained that this has already been implemented?

irishrOy#2575 posted (#post-7014)

but the problem is that most of the time the bigger ships can never ever juke behind cover since they're so slow.

These big ships are sometimes in the middle of a fight and have 2 opponents to deal with. In such a situation you can not go behind cover safely, but you need emergency-heal, right nao! smile

Point taken, but I think the idea is to provide an alternative. Just as there are many other forms of defense in other games, I'd like to explore the possibilities for more variety - for both healing (spike healing, healing over time, sacrificial healing, etc) and damage mitigation.

Also, from some of the footage I've seen, even Dreadnoughts have limited warp jumping capabilities. If they're not engaging another ship at point blank range, it's plausible that they could sometimes find cover to warp behind without being immediately followed. Naturally it wouldn't be viable in every scenario. If the big ship is in the thick of it, even the tactical cruiser in its current form (i.e. short-range healing beams) is putting itself at risk by healing in that scenario.

I'm on board with SeriaMau on this one - I quite like the other ideas that were put forth, like an area cloaking field, or EMPs (to disable particular enemy systems or simply lower accuracy: think Seeker Swarms in the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, for example). Perhaps a chaff screen you could deploy if you put yourself between a friendly and an incoming missile salvo?

I think part of the issue (for myself, at any rate) is that the healing mechanic functions too much like all the offensive direct-fire mechanics. Instead of shooting enemies, you're shooting allies; that seems like a wasted opportunity to mix things up. What if you had to somehow dock with the ship you wished to heal (thus leaving one or both of you vulnerable for a certain period of time, but providing a proportionally rewarding recovery)? That would add a greater incentive for large ships to attempt to juke behind cover so that they could heal safely before returning to battle.

I understand that healing is probably not going to be eliminated completely, which I guess I'm okay with after watching more of the gameplay. But I'd prefer for these other options to be just as viable - and perhaps even preferable to healing. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in any situation, right? Deflecting shots ought to be exponentially more effective than healing the massive hole it tore in your hull...

On a final note, I'm a big fan of the original Guild Wars, and I'd love for Yager to take a page from their book, despite the settings being so different. While GW had a wonderful set of healing skills in the Monk class, the game was so creatively made that those skills weren't fully necessary (I had a friend who ran with a guild composed only of people whose main characters were a particular support class, the Mesmer. They were known for tackling some of the game's most difficult regions using only Mesmer skills).