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Short question: I was in the closed Alpha- do I get beta access automatically or do I have to buy a starter pack? Thanks in advance

you enter automatically

It's normal don't worry

I got the times from DN_nwood

Pre-Closed Beta Time Frame(for streamers and founders):

Start: Wednesday, April 27th at 9:00AM CST

End: Friday. April 29th at 9:00AM CST

after Friday anyone with a beta code can enter the game until the end of the world smile

visit this for your timezone

Will you stream pax south?I haven't seen any news about that yet but it would be really good

on the right

welcome to the forums captain

according to EULA on dreadnought files the last change was on 24/9/2015 so I think it's the same

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everyone that is in the alpha gets in to the beta right?


welcome to the forums captain

welcome to the forums captain

welcome to the forums captain

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