welcome to the forums commander

welcome to the forums captain

[missed dedadude's fancy welcoming]

There are space maps too smile

welcome to the forums captain

welcome to the forums commander

I am more anxious than ever smile smile

Pax south is coming this month and I am feelling big reveals .Who will go to pax??

Archamedes#1642 posted (#post-10053)

The artillery attack risk is the reason that fighters are necessary in ship combat, to reach and engage maximum range attack vessels.

you can also use corvette with stealth ability and kill the artillery smile

Exocet#9793 posted (#post-10045)

Any good news for 2016?

Closed Alpha this Jan/Feb

Closed Beta first half of 2016

For more information about the plans of Dreadnought in 2016 I would suggest you to read the producer letter here

Welcome to the fleet commander.Also from the EU side and as a matter of fact,me and Odinous are compatriots

We could make some topics in sci-fi section,for example the new movie of star wars and talk there but as the producer said closed alpha is coming this Jan/Feb so we have less than 2 months until the gates are open[if we get accepted smile ].Save me a spot for my cruiser