I am waiting for almost 1,5 years and I am still here.I can't leave this game <3 .Besides what Chip said,the devs are also preparing for pax south this January 29-31 in SA,TX so they have a lot of work to do.

Mechcondrid#9187 posted (#post-10014)

soo did beta ever start? i signed up shortly after your guys announced the beta sign ups after pax...

never got any email or nothing

nope we are still in alpha stage

it's normal we will get an email as soon as the beta starts

Dr_Chops#6372 posted (#post-10007)

My understanding with League is that only a certain amount of in-game content is free (an amount of heroes are on rotation each season, and you have to pay for the heroes that aren't), and there is a "rune progression" system which allows gameplay bonuses like extra XP % and whatnot.

Features like this are pay to win and absolutely put the player who doesn't spend any money at a disadvantage.

Actually you can buy the heroes without paying and the runes can only be purchased with the currency you earn by playing a match.The XP and currency bonuses are in boost section and not in rune system.We shouldn't be talking about other games

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well they said they are working on capture the flag mode

dedadude left smile

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