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A lot of games use tutorials to explain different types of classes/types. Why not use this and let the player choose at the end of the tutorial.

game is under nda so noane can do tutorials and post them on internet


welcome to the forums captain

I don't think we have an Ireland squad yet

welcome to the forums captain

welcome to the forums captain

Welcome to the team Tamat and happy birthday.LCM from Riot.That's the best gift we can have

Every one of developers and community members are very nice.I hope you have a nice stay and apply your abilities here.Dreadnought Esports confirmed smile

Can you tell us how you found the game?from pax maybe?

also more information given here

welcome to the forums captain

Upcoming sixfoot charity stream with a taste of dreadnought

Those of us at Six Foot are thrilled to be supporting Extra Life this year! Please join us on November 7th for a 24 hour gaming marathon to raise money for Texas Children's Hospital. Dreadnought will be on the roster of games streamed during the event, so be watching for a schedule - coming soon. Until then, if you haven't heard of Extra Life, learn more about it here . Then, tune into our Twich Channel on Nov. 7th and watch us play games to heal kids!

welcome to the forums captain

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Any link to the stream?

not yet uploaded in youtube but you can see it in twitch channel