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Hey guys it was a ton of fun. I love how much info you guys can grab just from us playing and joking around smile If you have more questions let us know and I'll try and answer what I can. Pink is totally in the game just not in the Alpha for example smile

Also different classes have different shields. So a dreadnought shield uses very little energy while blocking around 60% damage. This means he can leave it on for a very long time but doesn't block as much damage. The Corvette is the opposite he blocks 100% damage but can only keep the shield on around 2-3 seconds. All the other classes fall in between these two extremes.

And again team work and positioning are what's currently OP in Dreadnought. That last match was super hard to win because the other team grouped up and work together the only reason we could pull off a win was because we hid and waited to pick off any player that got out of formation. There will be more abilities and such to help break up formations but right now a team that communicates and sticks together is a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

thank you for the stream dev team,it was awesome as always.The other one make it at Christmas,dress like santa and give alpha keys smile

welcome to the forums captain

there are many many of them

I love the idea of drone pets.I am fan of "pets" in all games but i don't think it could implement here.There are already some abilities doing this in dreadnought and tactical cruiser[tactical has 2 of those abilities(from gathered information before alpha].Stealth probe sounds really good for a new ability

I think yes.Everyone in alpha access will get a closed beta access

welcome to the forums captain

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dev stream announced!

smile smilepeople are Greeks 100%

actually they will choose from the beta sign ups later on

We will be widening our pool of invites every session and dipping into those who have signed up for the beta.

dev stream announced!

3vs5 is unfair...the enemies should call for more people to join them smile smile smile

i think the devs are taking serious this competition.Maybe after NDA we can see it happening