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Ship name: Gemini

Class: Carrier

Description: Launches Fighter Drones, Deploys Sensor Probes

Number of guns and type:

(A) Railgun /w Explosive shotgun munition (can take out incoming missiles) - Medium Range

General Shared Abilities: Drone Shield (Deploys a Support Drone To shield a ship for "X" seconds)

Unique Abilities: Overheat Rail Gun (Increases Fire Rate of Rail Gun)

could also launches repair drones, you will just choose which of those two you are going to be in the game

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The problem with most arena still multiplayer games are they get very repetitive after a while.

If you want to break it down multiplayer is arena style or rpg. Even pvp in rpg ends up as arena. Big arena, small arena, maze like or whatever.

well kinda right but in arena there are 2 options,dead and lose,alive and win .In open pvp you can leave from the battle and go to a safe zone or something,if you die you can respawn and go back to the battle etc.

i don't think dreadnought ship should have the ability to launch fighters.It's already overpower

better make it as a different class

in Star Trek Online they have carrier ships and it's very fun

also not only launch fighters but repair ships too.Ofcurse you can equip only one each battle