MM is tight because the playerbase is small.
Solving the symptoms isn't solving any sickness.
You can't even split the T5s into a new category because the playerbase is to small.

The whole progression system takes you ages and drains people.

Competent developers and artists once again were forced to push out a money grab game but it failed misserably.
Dreadnought had and has potential but somehow incompetency got in the way.

I told them here on the forum exactly what would happen in 2017, without steam it would have even died earlier.
Nobody listened.
The move that a skin is on a "per ship" basis drove a huge playerbase out.

The only thing dreadnought can do now is make a FF14 move, slap a 2.0 sticker on it and hope a different approach might bring in way more cash. But for that you need A) money and hard work.

What really saddens me is the fact that the core gameplay loop is amazing and expandable and could bring in plenty of customers.

BGV Kokurou has a good point about progression but on the other hand, whats the point in having 5 tiers of ships when you only have 3 tiers to play in.

We shall see where all this leads.

I dislike the healball nerf, they were breakable, the problem was never the healball itself, the problem was that 0 communication ingame is possible and besides the discord gangs, no real squading happend.

Don't get me started with broken chats and friendslists.

With tactics and a team, healballs were no problem, you could even break a good dread that was healed by multiple healers.

I need a break from DN even with payed elite still running, the road you are going is nothing i want to be part of.

I'll check back in onto the forums to see how the new arty meta salt flows.

maximmm#5966 posted (#post-151316)

I have a theory that this game will never leave the beta status.

It will have a patch here and there until Q3-4 2018, then the accounting department tells someone to get the real cashgrab started during christmas, most likely some "booster" sales will start, 3-6 month later it is sold or the server are put down.

Maybe they "release" it, whatever that means in the 21st century anymore, during said cashgrab to get a last inflow of new players.

End of story.

So you are complaining because you are to incompetent to kill a tac?

I know a billion ways to kill a tac, it's not the fault of the game that you didn't fit that storm missiles, goliath, drain missile, bomb catapults or any other module that can devestate a healball.

I am even killing other tacs in my harwich with LMG's and thats the low end of DPS.

Learn the modules, learn the combos, how to aligne, sneak in and focus.

If you really out to kill a tac and don't want to deal with the "learn to play" problem get a storm missle vindicta which can take out a tac in under 2 seconds due to burst, even with 2 other heals on them.

Hahahahaha what on earth, just checked prices for a train-trip from austria to berlin.

One Way 160€-180€, this is madness!!!

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-172949)

HepTagoN#7086 posted (#post-172948)

Of course vette boid had desperate measures + some armor module. I have bad news for you TheMaster, devs, in general likes current corvettes, check out latest update patch notes. This su.cks I know. Either deal with it or hope they will change their minds. Or just quit smile

Or purge beam = dead corvette.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-172950)

HepTagoN#7086 posted (#post-172948)

Of course vette boid had desperate measures + some armor module. I have bad news for you TheMaster, devs, in general likes current corvettes, check out latest update patch notes. This su.cks I know. Either deal with it or hope they will change their minds. Or just quit smile

You do know that there are multiple modules that can literally 1 shot vettes right?

Oh boy this should not end in a general Vet whine thread.

It was not my intention, i know how to deal with them mostly.

It was about this situation and a few others i had over the weeks were my opposing vet player was just a bouncing health bar despite having no heal and massiv damage on them.

I should have ended my post by saying that i killed that particular vet player a few times over the course of the match to verify what happend.

My intention was to get some tests going and see if something is odd in some situations.

Captain Nemo#8277 posted (#post-172925)

Desperate measure + kinetic armor amp. That's how it worked.

Valcour has 10k HP, tesla pod deal 2k DPS, if he has no energy he wouldn't last 8-10 seconds from tesla pod alone. Also, if he has some modules to use, you wouldn't last 8-10 seconds without shield either. So either you missed something, or you omitted something.

I will shadowplay my games from now on.

We shall see where that leads.

I know, vet pilotes are people too, but what on earth is the balance team doing all day long?

Valcour flies straight against that round stairs in Ixion, i sit 500m away in my Harwich hammering with LMG(every hit a count) + PtW + 3 tesla pods III (all PtW launched) onto this vet.

Valcour had 0 energy when i spotted him and like 80% health, i had full health and full energy. At 50% health i switched from PtW to Shields and started energy generator.

8-10 seconds later, i am dead and he is still alive with like 60% health.

Killscreen states only his damage and no heal or other player was in range.

So, please tell me how that works!

In the same timespan i can bring down destroyers without shields!

EDIT: This is not a general vet whine thread, it's about a bug/balance issue in some situations.

Let's put it simple, you can blow out 2 heals in seconds in an arty. Sure healcamps are a hard nut but you know, you could fit the right modules and fly the right ship to do the job

Less QQ more PEWPEW thinder

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-169120)

icuurd12b42#5797 posted (#post-168923)

Corvettes should only start on veteran games, that would be my suggestion... A new challenge for that level...

On the other hand the problem is basically recruit not knowing how you defend themselves. you can kill a corvette in recruit with basically anything but you usually dont have the skills for it as an actual recruit.

You'd get the same threads now with that change. Where corvettes are is not the problem, you having to get into tech trees to get at the counters for them is.

TheMaster#0511 posted (#post-168922)

Well, you can't please everyone.

There are many inbalances in DN and recruite matches are one of them.

In recruite matches corvetts farm new players all day long, and in vet matches new T3 player will again be farmed by T4 vets with all briefings and knowledge.

If the bannhammer doesn't change anything soon the playerbase will be left with the t5 players sitting hours in hangar waiting for a leg to pop up.

Instead of complaining, why don't you ask for tips on how to beat them? The game is balanced around 1vs1. Think of it as rock, paper, scissors. There will always be counters for every build. So a corvette is rock, you have to find that paper build to deal with them, but then that will leave you open to scissors.

Let's take the classic Dreadnought build. PBS, VM, AML and WJ. Now PBS is great for killing Corvettes, but no corvette will come at a Dreadnought side on. So you need something like stasis pulse to hold them while you turn so you can PBS them. But if you take that, you have to lose your AML so that leaves you weak to missiles. So now you see? You can only be rock, paper or scissors. You cant be all 3 at once.

You got me wrong once again brother, it's not me that is having issues with them, i am long time past all T1-2 ships. But i do understand the frustration of all the new players, coming and leaving because they got corvetted.