I was just thinking about writing a post about this topic! The idea is good however at the moment perhaps it should just be a little dumbed down.

All ships can be broke down into 6 simple sections Forward/Aft, Port/Starboard, and top/bottom. All sections would have x amount of armor depending on size and class. The armor would neglect say 75% of damage. Once the armor is destroyed on that particular section the damage would be applied to the hull. Still adds much more depth to the game without making it overly complicated.

Just kinda carious if anyone has played fractured space. You can get it on steam for like 10 bucks. I have been playing it a little bit. It could use a little more community though. Plays very similar to dreadnought. Not as pretty and fluid though. Its still in development but if you wanting that capitol ship combat, it will hold you over tell we can get our hands on dreadnought!

Want to play sooo bad.