Bad thing. Very bad.

The negatives not only outweight the positives, every negative by itself is much more staggering.

Seperating T3 from T4 is understandable cause of the briefs, but even that is a moot point casue apparently T3 is getting briefs too. Why not just keep Legendary as it is or make it T5 only, and leave Tier Four alone or give T4 its own queue.

Yes the ship base stats are within tolerable parameters, but the overclocked modules T5 has access to is way too much. This change will only mean Dreadnought as begun its final descent, and the final destination is a decomissioning ceremony.

Obviously they are not if they are making it so Tier4 HAS to fight against Tier5.

Isolating T3 from T4 I can understand, but what the actual flying forkilft is so fokin hard in keeping the Legendary as it is, and making a seperate T4-only queue.

Here since mid-2014, dealth with enough bullshit, but this, THIS is the final nail in the coffin. Still no seperate queues for solo/team play either. No, they are not listening.

RealGinger91#0400 posted (#post-221077) said:


Jesus is not with us here today.

As much as I'd love to see this game succeed, Steam will not save it.

That one thing that keeps players in is the capability for actions and progress in a fair matchup, and since the horrendous matchmaker is bound to stay, so is the reputation of the game crystallized forever in Steam reviews.

What little is left of it anyways.

It's still unclear to me though, why exactly would this game's server infrasturcture need to be overly complicated according to Nexeroff?

There's nowwhere near the same amount of data processed at any given time as in games like EVE. Battlefield games run on "normal" servers just fine and have alot going in them mathematically as well with all the virtual ballistics and stuff and that's with 4 times the player count.

(The "ballistics being unrealistic has nothing to do with this.)

Nexeroff#4718 posted (#post-220466) said:

I'm not sure how EVE Online currently distributes server load, but whatever they are doing is working great.

EVE distributes server load by (as Snib mentioned) running the entire cluster with a tickrate of 1, but there's more to it than that. I's called a 'cluster' for a reason and that's cause the entire framework is divided into individual nodes which handle various amounts systems and regions.

Time Dialation slows down the processing time less the farther you are from a concentrated pocket of action. What ends up happening is when a node is under stress, it pulls resources from its nearby nodes to aid with handling the information, while these nodes that are lending their power, in turn request assistance from their nearby nodes. This is to my understanding the reason why Time Dialation takes the form as it takes, it's like EVE's version of a black hole.

But under normal circumstances, Client action is always processed first AFAIK. Which is why making an Interceptor with sub-2s alignment time for travel is uncatchable. Scrams and other targeted tackles will always take atleast 2 seconds to take effect, but it's always working against the tackler since they need to wait to see you, then lock you, and finally activate the module. Whilst you in you Ceptor spawn into system cloaked making you untargetable in the first place, and you don't always even have to suffer a full 180 degree turn.

I know for certain Jita runs on its dedicated node though.

If anything there should be atleast 2 mines deployed, 3 prefepably. Just to see corvette pilots cry, cause you propably haven't though about that double-standard hypocricy of your's :'D

You're terrorizing the other ships, it is only fair you'd get terrorized as well. Corvettes are an advantage against ACs, not a "press this to win" button.

If a pemalty for leaving is introduced, then I'll just AFK the rest of the match.

It took them TEN (10) months to even respond to the Maint Fee fiasco, a travesty. It's going to take another ten to even sneeze at this one too.

No, it's not "well done".

Removal of Maintenance Fee is that one important thing that defines the lasting appeal of this game. New, inexperienced players are being punished for losing, and nobody even bothers with Tier 5 ships, that bracket is dead and that is all thanks to the fee.

The longer they are delaying the removal of the Maint Fee, the deeper they are digging their own grave. Everyone I talked to about this game and its features, only the maintenance fee stands in the way, and I whole heartedly agree.

Nobody of the potential players I personally chitchatted with will not come even near this game as long as it remains, and that's too bad cause it's potentially lost revenue as well.