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dont quote me on this- speed boost is different for each ship but 5% damage resistance is universal

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-225357) said:

Regarding the minimap, I think having a 2d terrain view would be great so you now that there is a Destroyer taking cover waiting to attack you.

as much as i would love to see an update to the minimap, I personaly think that this game relies far too much on terrain and tactical pisitioning for them to buff the minimap too much. Unless an ally has line of sight on an enemy, I do not think that the minimap should show enemies that are in a legitimate position to ambush you- that is their strategy, and it should take a players situational awareness to combat it, not the minimap. though I do agree terrain should be shown

yes, i was imagining a single pulse kind of like antimissile pulse in artillery, not sustained pulses like weaponbooster on destroyer. good point i forgot to mention that and belial, the reason i brought it up was not inherently to be a hard counter to anything, just another option for an interesting but useless module that is currently in the game. when applied to a beam, it could counter scrable pulse easier as well

So I had this idea- whilst looking at the corvette module "scrubber," I cant help but think- "dang, this is pretty useless"- then I thought, what if this was a pulse for tactical cruisers? That would be amazing! And, I think it should be implemented for a few reasons-

1- Encourages the team to stick together (though maybe a bit too much, healballs and all that)

2- Counters purge without a hard counter on every ship

3- Counters scrambler without a hard counter on every ship

4- Gives tacs a more defensive module, giving another option for more tactical players

5- Is not any more powerful than the modules that would be dumped on the team (hard to make OP)

6- Useful for every ship while not being readilly available in every ship (see point 1,2,3)

7- Would be easy to implement, just put the scrubber status on a pulse delivery system

8- Could also be extended to missiles and the main beam?

I just think this is a very simple and versatile idea, what do you all think?

Isn't this a bug though?

UNYU does recruit assistance matches using healing only. Its a good way to introduce people to the mechanics

I could probably photoshop one for ya

you would need to get on discord for me to send it though, dont be afraid to send a DM. my username is the same

Its also worth mentioning that the score at the end always tells you if you were best at anything- so I could have best KDR, and thats the only thing I have best at, in which case the rest of my team might have been best at everything else and thus been higher on the scoreboard. There are 15 or so things that a player can be best at, especially in conquest, so getting only two or three of those leaves a lot open for your other teammates if that makes sense. Also, being well rounded might result in being better than a player that was good at one or two things. 75+75=150, so a player with 100 gets the best at that one thing but is not better than the player that got two 75s overall.

People tend to misinterprete what tractor beam is meant for. The beam doesnt pull something more because it is less massive, it pulls all ships the same speed- that being said, the tractor beam actually works best for brawling enemy dreadnoughts, pulling artillery cruisers out of position, and pulling tacs out of cover (against slow ships, not small ones). Dreads do not have any anti-corvette support because they are not supposed to trump corvettes or be taken out by corvettes, they are pretty much neutral- this kind of rock-paper-scissors gameplay is what supports teamwork. You want to play dread, but you dont like corvettes? You better have a destroyer by your side. Thats the way the game was intended to be played.

Hope this helps

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224951) said:

(JA Destroyer Hammerhead seen on a stream, image only)

Just thought I would chime in randomly (because I find this funny), Kyle actually accidentally gave us a full 360 view of the ship on a stream thinking it was already in the game so people are already trying to decipher its loadout based on its model lol

Anyways- Back on the topic of the thread, we also have retrofits and the balance overhaul incoming. And like Miguel said, the update is a huge stepping stone for future updates. Kinda like buying a microwave to make more popcorn- or some other dumb analogy- but you get the idea. I wouldn't get to excited for anything content-wise immediately, but I would not be surprised if more content gets cranked out faster after launch