UNYU - Hypervolt



Ok looking back maybe I should clarify a few things- I don't mean that the tacs should have been instantly destroyed, but they were, as a support class, able to sustain high levels of damage for an extended period of time (Im talking about twenty seconds) not because of their health pool, but because of their healing ability. In short I feel as though support classes should not keep allies alive under fire, but rather make them outlast the opponent. I have also had moments were (and I play artillery, I was not one of the dreads) my artillery fire would be healed back up before I could land a second hit.

I know that the developers have been trying to fix the heal ball lately, but I honestly (from what I have experienced) do not think that adrenaline shot is the problem. Though I do not experience this often, I had a particular situation recently where an Oberon tactical cruiser (one of the lower health ships in the game) was sandwiched between two dreadnoughts, being bombarded by heavy fire, while somehow not being instantly destroyed thanks to the help of another nearby tactical cruiser. If we focused fire on the other tac, they would just switch roles, meaning we were left in a situation that we could not combat. From my point of view, two support classes (in any game, not just Dreadnought) should not be powerful enough to beat out two heavy hitters. Again, I understand that this kind of thing gets complained about a lot, but I personaly feel as though we might not be looking in the right direction, and I would suggest that tactical cruisers maybe not be able to heal other tactical cruisers as efficiently or maybe even not at all. Any opinions?