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I don't know why people keep talking about adjusting/adding tiers. it's easily fixed: bump the stats for T3s. They don't play T2's so the gap between T2 and T3 is irrelevant.

It's like you keep saying this but no one is listening lol.

It is a good idea btw. O7

it would also feel more rewarding getting the boost from T2- it probably has not been implimented because the issues with balancing came after the issues with actual bugs and gameplay (which should understandably take priority) at a time when the devs were buckling down for stram release

the thing is though- T3 shouldnt be as powerful as T4. I understand pubstomping, but your gameplay experience might not agree with what statistics show- and statistics might just say that T3 performs exactly like it should. "Boosting stats" is not only not always a viable gameplay solution, its also not as easy at it might seem. Not to mention, it might make the jump to T4 feel less rewarding

^ theres your pros and cons in a nutshell ^

maybe its just me- I get upwards 40k per match under perfect conditions, 20-30k for good conditions average about 25k

And that is without elite

From what I can personally say- the problem is not the matchmaking, its the players that leave the game after losing by 4 ships then thinking the matchmaking is the problem.

If someone wants to start winning games, then when they die they should change their ship and adapt their playstyle. Not quit and leave their teammates behind.

The other thing I think has to be mentioned though is that grind is almost directly related to content- yes, there is a balance to be had, but if you can unlock everything in the game within a week- then what is there to be proud of? It is not any sort of accomplishment to be had. As it is now, it takes about a month to unlock a T5 ship (depending on how much you play of course) if you stick to playing the same ship line.

If people play the game to unlock things rather than just sitting back and having fun- then the grind is the game. Rewarding a new module every game is way too much and doesn't encourage players to que the harder teirs and would actually make legendary ques worse. Again, as it is now, a module is rewarded about every three games (T4s can unlock a module a game in legendary depending kn skill level and battle bonus) which I personally think is just about perfect. Thats just my opinion, but there it is. Unlocking things is not gameplay- that is just a bonus (might I add that some extremely popular games such as Fortnite and DOTA literally have no unlocks whatsoever?)- in my eyes, just have fun with what you have- the harder things are to unlock, the more rewarding it is to unlock them

I don't have an issue with the grind at all- I've unlocked half of the T4 ships, one T5 ship, and researched every T4 ship in only 50 hours of gameplay. If you actually bother to play the game and set goals for yourself that tends to help quite a bit...

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yeah ive read about veteran.. ive just got a tier 3 ship, i think im gonna stay in tier2 until i can atleadt make my tier 3 more competitive plus i think rookie class appears to be far more balanced in thst respect!

While your first few veteran matches might seem insurmountable, dont let that get to you- there is about I'd say five or six matches where you will feel completely helpless in a T3 ship, but once you get a few new modules, and a better understanding of the game, things get much easier and much more fun

Thay being said, make your first few module purchases count. Stay with your team and away from T4 enemies if need be, and dont forget that you can still lose a game and have fun- you progress either way, so learn from your experiences! Good luck

Actually, a large majority of the player base can que legendary, they just dont because they are afraid of getting stomped, even though this doesnt happen in legendary like it does in veteran. Once you get your first T4, things tend to get a lot easier (including gronding your T3s) not only because of OBs, but just general experience. The grind is not meant to be long to be boring, its meant to be long to ensure you are prepared to teir up. If you have a stock T4 in leg, you wont do great- but you are far from being stomped.

Just don't take on T4s- look at your other post

I think some OBs need to be moved back down to T3

While the T3 to T4 gap is large, it is far from impossible. I might be biased because I never had a problem with it, but I went back to grind all my T3s and averaged about a 7/2 KD for almost every game, so long as I was playing a ship I was decent at.

If I have any advice to give, don't confront T4s, plain and simple. If you can't beat them, then just avoid them. I know someone is gonna argue with me, but like I said- I did this and never had a problem in veteran. Period.

Stay with your team, stay alert, and just have fun for what you can have fun with! I hope you come back soon and get to experience the game for what it can really be

From what I have noticed, like Daganisoraan said, JA tends to be the most "into-the-ship's-role" manufacture (the dreads a tank, the arty is a glass cannon, and the corvette is a speedster, etc.)

Akula Vector tends to favor versatility and survivabity by slightly combating the weaknesses of wach ship at the sacrifice of their strengths

and Oberon tends to completely flip the scales of the classes, their dreads act like destroyers, their destroyers act like corvettes, and their corvettes act like destroyers. In short, Oberon emphasizes each ship's biggest strength and makes that its biggest weakness and visa versa