Tiers are not necessary to keep the game alive, I dont know how many people already said thats precisely the reason they left world of tanks and similiar games.

I understand it might be some people play to get the next unlock and unlocking new gear is fine. Just dont limit us as much as a Tier system does.

  • You have to concentrate on one ship class to keep up with the grind or your friends will have to play "low tier" to play with you, slowing them down in the grind.

  • Since you have to concentrate on one ship you can only play that ship, no more selecting the ship that benefits your team/friends unless you only play low tier.

  • You have to fight against stronger ships (higher Tier) in certain matches giving you a disadvantage because you grind less.

You cant just join and play with people who started playing the game before you like it is now.

You cant freely pick a ship you want to fly due to the grind.

Doesnt it limit our choice of ships though? If I play with friends tier 3 I can only choose ships I grind to that Tier. So we cant just switch who of us heals for an example because to keep up with the tier grind one of us will have to dedicate him self to healer ships.

Im not sure if its like this but it seems to be that we have to unlock the same module again one we get to the next ship tier? ex: If I have Module A on my Ship and I get to the next tier I have to unlock Module A again for that tier as well.

Than there is also the problem of fighting up and down tiers. Making you fight higher tier ships puts you in a game with a severe disadvantage that is totaly unnessassary if Dreadnought wouldnt switch to the same system every other game has.

Progression 2.0 promises less grind because you can work towards your ship and that might be true if you only fly one ship class. If you decide what ship you want to fly based on your friends/team choices you either cant or have to grind all ships which will make your progression compared to other people just that much slower.

I dont see any advantage to this system what so ever, I sincerly hope I am wrong smile

I would be really dissapointed if Dreadnought would be turned one of "those" games.

"It was important to us to let our players decide how to prioritize their own progress in the game."

And than we have to grind through several modules we dont need or want to get to the next ship?

This System also "forces" people to play one Class. If you are playing with friends you would have to have a dedicated Sniper, a dedicated Healer etc. Or risk severly slowing your progress instead of picking your Ship to fit your Team or what you want to fly now.

I would much prefer the System we have now or better yet unlock all ships from the beginning but limit them with money, either I grind for a Monarch(10.000) or I grind for Gora(4.000) AND Invictus(4.000) instead.

That way I would prioritize my own progress in the game.

The Phoenix-Staffel was formed at some time in 2009 to combat the increasing piracy in the Sirius Sector in a game called Freelancer. Today it consists of individuals who are desperately searching for a new game to play!

We accept any English speaking members but prefer German speaking ones since our clan is mostly from Germany. Apart from that we only have two requirements:

TeamSpeak, is a free of charge program and essential for good communication, which is significant for great team play.

Activity, to work together as a team you have to be part of the team. Real life is important and comes first but everyone should have the possibility to check on our website every 3 days to know what’s going on. If you are not going to log on for a while just let us know through our website.


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Thank you :)