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If the game cant handle my network speed and ping rate, why would I go on? I'm not telling people to abandon it, obviously. I just hope my problems get solved.

The new devs that seem to be in charge of handling the updates are very active on the Dreadnought Discord channel and always eager to learn about current bugs and crashes. You should ping them there and file a bug report.

Hope your issues get resolved soon!

Anyway. I'm out until the next update

I personally didn't experience any of the above mentioned bugs, and neither did any member of my clan. With that being said I have to admit that in one match one member of my team spawned under the map and stayed there for the entire duration of the match so apparently these bugs do happen in some capacity.

However I don't think that this issue is as widespread or as severe that it would warrant abandoning the game entirely but of course your mileage may vary.

Hallo Captains,

während die letzten Monate durch einen Rückgang der Präsenz der meisten Clans im Spiel gekennzeichnet waren, läßt sich doch in den letzten Wochen eine Umkehr dieses Trends feststellen. Es tauchen wieder mehr Clan-Tags und damit auch wieder mehr organierte 4-Mann-Teams im Spiel auf.

Während das eine gute Nachricht für organierte Squads ist, weil diese dadurch eine Herausforderung finden, führt das bei unorganisierten Einzelspielern regelmäßig zu Frustration. "Seal clubbing" und "pub stomping" sind Synonyme für extrem einseitige Spielverläufe, welche häufig vorkommen, wenn Einzelspieler gegen organisierte Squad antreten.

Das muß nicht sein. Schließ Dich uns an und genieße die Vorzüge erfahrener und hilfbereiter Clanmitglieder. Egal, ob Du Deine Schiffe in Veteran leveln oder epische Weltraumgefechte auf Legendär austragen willst - mit bis zu 3 Mitspielern, die Dir den Rücken freihalten, geht alles besser.

Warte nicht länger und informiere Dich auf unserer Homepage. Wir sehen uns description

Update to my post from 24th October:

I played a lot of the Monarch over the weekend and the damage increase at mid to long range engagements really workes. While the increased refire time still sucks the damage output is extremely noticable.

Before the update all what primaries seemed to do was to prevent the enemy ship from starting regen but not much else. Now the health bars of enemy ships seem to drain even faster than with plasma repeaters.

The mild damage reduction of secondaries isn't that noticable so the devs might as well have kept them untouched. At least the decrease of damage didn't render plasma repeaters useless. But I maintain that it is a baffling move to reduce damage of primaries and secondaries at close range all the same.

Anywho, long story short: All in all Jumplands are more competitive now and that's good news.

With the inclusion of the Indrik we now have four hero healers in the game. There are two Oberon (Nereid and Akkoro) and two AV (Kali and Indrik).

The Nereid can be seen quite some time, though my personal favourite is the Akkoro design. This one really rocks. But yeah, all in all Hero healers are a rare sight. And the latest addition (Indrik) definitively won't change that.

The Dead Horde Bundle brought the Havoc-game mode back in everyone's mind. As such it inevitably raises the question of whether or not it will be added to the PC built of the game someday.

The bundle is a doing a great job of promoting the game mode and many PC players will be disappointed should this be all there is, myself included.

I had a little hope that if not updating the existing T4's SixFoot would at least adjust new Hero Ships meant for Legendary Fleet to be T5. With the new AV Tac Cruiser Hero Ship 'Indrik' it is clear they are not going to.

I wonder how many will actually purchase this new Hero Ship as it has again

  • inferior base stats,

  • terribel modules for a pure healer (with the exception of the primary module) and,

  • mediocre officer briefings.

And even the vanity items which even SixFoot considers to be the main selling point aren't appealing as it is probably the ugliest ship in the game so far though I admit this is purely subjective.

I haven't had the chance to test the new Dreadnought primaries but based on the patch notes I have mixed feelings about that. There are some very welcome buffs but also some nerfs that are in my opinion completely unwarranted.

1.JA Dreadnought primaries

Based on the published values of base damage, number of projectiles and refire time one can calculate the damage per second of the primaries before/after the patch. The comparision of these values shows the following changes in regards to the different tiers:

  • high: -8%

  • mid: +27%

  • low: +19%

Instead of an overall buff of primaries they actually got nerfed in close range. But what I absolutely hate about these patch is the increase of refire time from 0.2 to 0.45 seconds. The 'rapid fire mode' felt wonderful and was the only noticable attribute (as opposed to base stats) that set Tier IV and V apart. Taking that away deteriorates my gameplay experience of using primaries, even if they now (mostly) deal more damage.

2.JA Dreadnought secondaries

Secondaries in general got hit by an unexpected, unwanted and unwarranted nerf (T5 High 195 Mid 180 Low 150 changed to High 185 Mid 170 Low 145). This move is extremely baffling because

  • secondaries were never an issue. Due to their limited range they were only usable in low to mid range encounters anyway. And even there they were far from the damage output destroyers or corvettes are capable of. In my opinion this is a prime example of the terrible practice of making one thing more appealing by making the alternative worse instead of making the first thing actually better. But more importantely

  • primaries got nerfed in the high damage tier which translates to short range. This is exactly the same range secondaries are meant for. So in close range we now have nerfed primaries and nerfed secondaries. Wtf?!

I appreciate the effort but in regards to JA Dreadnoughts this patch earns a plain 'F' mark as in Fail!

The saga of the infamous Hero Ships is as old as the game itself and so is the discussion whether or not the concept is a valuable addition to the game or just a cash grab. I’m not going to beat that dead horse but I’d like to take a minute and write about a revelation that I had recently in terms of gameplay.

I was playing Veteran fleet a few days back because at that particular daytime I could not get a Legendary match popping. The game mode was Conquest and so I decided to give my dust gathering Hanuman Hero Ship a try. I did decently well and I ended up earning around 5k Free XP which made the usage of that Hero Ship really worthwhile for me. Especially since all my Tier III’s are maxed out and I don’t need the ship bound (but higher amount of) XP to level them anymore.

The locked and subpar loadouts of Hero Ship require them to be of the highest tier in their respective fleets in order to make them competitive. The ‘Legends Redefined’ update (or 'Last nail in the coffin' as I call it) made things better and worse in that respect, depending on what fleet you are looking at.

The Tier II Hero Ships are at the top of the food chain in Recruit Fleet (Tier I and II), the same goes for Tier III Hero Ships in Veteran (Tier II and III). Well, at least in terms of their base stats. Where things go off rails is in Legendary Fleet (Tier IV and V). Here the Hero Ships are a combination of the weakest base stats and subpar modules + officer briefings. Back when Tier IV could be applied to Legendary and Veteran this was a different situation but these days are gone and Tier IV Hero Ships can now be assigned to Legendary Fleet exclusively.

So players are asked to shell out 25 to 30 Euros to play a Hero Ship that has no chance of winning any one on one situation against a superior Tier V or even against a similar Tier IV but with better modules and/or officer briefings (I’m not going into the ‘Hero Ships are all about the cosmetics rather than viability’ debate).

The solution to this predicament is easy. To make Hero Ships competitive in Legendary Fleet SixFoot should simply increase the base values of the ships and their modules from Tier VI to V (without increasing the asking price of course!). This way Hero Ships in Legendary Fleet would make a turn from being useless cannon fodder and a liability to being a viable choice players might actually consider to purchase. A great effect for minimal effort...

What do you think?

Imagine this game would have a decent AI. Bots would be more than useless cannon fodder.

If there is any way, please do it!