There are Pentium 4 and 9800GT computers which do run UE4 (The 9800GT was modded so that it supports DX11) smoothly on YT.

Right, thanks for the reply. Ill try Unreal Tournament (the latest one) out.

Already 15 planned? Don't turn in this game into Warframe with so many classes available that I get confused.

I have to agree with you.

Maybe you could hide behind asteroids? <----- Sounds like a great tactical attribute.

And as for the case system you wanted, how about the CS:GO style case system?

And also, I want an extensive array of cosmetic items that I can equip my ship with smile

And I have 4GB of ram!


I'm Minwoo, an Asian currently living in Australia. I would like to ask some favors to the devs.

First of all, when I looked at your system requirements section, it said it would be revealed soon. System requirements mean alot to me, as I have a low end laptop ( Celeron N2830, Intel HD Graphics Ivy Bridge) because I don't have a sustainable job just yet. So if you guys, the devs, could quickly let me have the beta version of the game so that I could tell the people with low end laptop specs like mine if they could play the game or not.

Surprisingly, my laptop can handle certain games such as....

Civ 5, 1280720 res, low graphics

CS:GO, 1024
736 res, medium shaders

Grand Theft Auto 4, 800600, high graphics (GTA 4 was a terrible port to the pc anyways)

Saints Row 4, 800
600, low graphics <-------I can play with 15 fps

Bioshock, 1366736, medium graphics

Bioshock 2, 1366
736, low graphics

Bioshock Infinite, 640*480, ultra graphics

And so on.....