@londo those gifs had me laughing for 3 straight minutes!!!

there is no links, but links don't work well on the dread forums.

If you fine fellow players are referring to my RUMORS video, I would like to add that BB is right, that source is def NOT official!

I agree with BB and Skyraider, that until we hear from our, as of recently, silent devs... we have to assume the BEST!
That steam forum post is so far just rumors...

It is true that there have been miss teps, but overall the core of the game is excellent, as well as the lore! (which I have made dread lore vids on youtube)

We are all still here, which means for whatever reason, we love the game and are heavily invested, although we sometimes feel taken advantage of...

The best way to keep the game alive is to KEEP PLAYING!
also to keep giveing constructive critisism and suggestions that are based in reality (as in little changes on small budget), and reflect the views of MOST PC/PS4 players!

I am hoping for the best, and will continue to play!
If they ever release the proposed retrofits, I will purchase the JA tac and a couple of the Akula ones for sure!

I would probably still play if they switch to a sub model instead of F2P, as long as we get technical support!!!

Thanks for keeping this topic alive, your logical and polite replies, and to anyone who watches my youtube channel!

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Would you like to keep up to date on all the Dreadnought news related to the PS4 community before the forums?

Would you like to meet players looking for squads, discussing Dreadnought topics and make friends on PSN?

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You no longer have to fight solo!

and I'll see ya soon... in Sinley Bay!

thanks dvhinds37!

the DN staff fixed the problems, i played a few test games today and everything is fine! (panic mode over)

I got the word out to the PS4 community boards and dread chat so ques should be returning to normal as everyone starts playing the game again!
the "black screen crisis" seems to be over...

if you want to meet the 400+ core PS4 players check out one of the 3 main community boards on PSN:

Dread Chat (nuclear inferno) - 300+ members

The Dreadnought Slaves - Elite Club - (Derandi) - 70+ members

Utopia Pan Colonial (Lazerbait) - 40+ members

Thanks Dinkfudoink 39, the Black screen problem and many others ended today!

there are 200+ hard core daily PS4 dread players that feel the same as you!

hopefully these desperate measures i listed here won't need to be deployed...

many thought the crisis was worse than it was!

Thank you so much Space Ghost!

The entire PS4 community appreciates you hard work!

Next time we won't assume "someone else will make a ticket so I don't need to", and do our best to help inform the staff when there's an issue!

sometimes we forget good stability and communication is a two way street....

thanks again!

I'd be up for an inty buff, but thats because I use them... because they are powerful already!

There is nuance to this:

1) bombers are slow and easy to shoot down

2) bombers drop mines, their weapons don't guide to the target, so many scrambles mines never hit because your target has to run into them!

3) interceptor damage spikes HARD and can sink an arty cruiser in one salvo (2 inties launching one torp a piece) ... T5 have 3 salvos btw!

4) multiple waves of interceptors can stack onto targets using retaliator... overwhelming shields through sheer firepower!

5) 2 or more interceptor wings can often reach a far away target before one wave of bombers get there, due to interceptor speed!

I'd love to see my interceptors get a buff... until someone uses them on me... then I'll cry!

Bombers are a "paper tiger" and are actually a support module for sowing confusion for jumping dreads!

interceptors are an offensive damage spike module!

interceptors sink ships! bombers -help- you sink ships!

I'd also like to add I filled out over two dozen bug reports in the last few days...

many players have done the same...

are in game bug reports not being reviewed any more?

PC folks have it good.

before you scrap my Athos and make even more changes to the game...

Can PS4 get a stable server without freezes, crashes, reward/contract bugs and other stability issues?

our ques and matchmaking balance has been pretty good before the black screen crashes all last week...

I'm up for new maps and skins etc.

But I put in a lot of time to get 12 tier 5 ships, and I would like to play them without constant crashes, or not getting experience and credits most of the time due to bugs....

thanks for repllying guys...

this is happening to everyone but most of the PS4 players didn't speak up about it.

I'm glad they're finally looking into it.

I got the word out on dread chat, but it's like herding cats sometimes...
I know most oof us filled out in game bug reports!

are those not getting reviewed now?