thanks vascilios, i'm a little dissappointed dread chat didn't bring this to their attention earlier.

I'm happy they are working on it

We've been sending bug reports constantly in game for 4 days now....

Legendary matches are 100% every match for everyone, unsure about recruit, but also hearing about it in Vet

The black screen happens after ship selection screen, instead of match start. We then have to restart app and enter match late.

After match there is no Exp, free Exp, Credits, but Occasionally contracts complete.

unknown if the no rewards happens only after a black screen restart, because we have to restart every match to get past black screen.

I really don't want to have to open a grey box ticket... i've been filling out endless bug reports in game as has the PS4 core Legendary player base. I've also been posting forums posts about this for 3 days.

This is most certainly happening to at least 100 players in legendary mode, almost 100% of the time, every match.

many have been quitting and think this is the end of the game....

A twitter post or anything is desperately needed to address our concerns...

I will post in dread chat that you are planning on a server restart tomorrow to keep up morale.

this is day FOUR of this awful situation... I'm being very reserved and patient when I say this:
the dreadnought staff should have caught on to this catastrophy days ago...

thanks you VERY much for responding

EVERY player on PS4 dread chat (100 elite players who play the most on PS4) reports the following 100% each match:
(in addition so all players on PS4 talked to outside of dread chat)

    after ship select screen, total black screen and need to restart app to re-enter the match

    we can't select and ready a ship, we load in with the first ship in our fleet after restarting app due to Black Screen Bug

    players recieve no Exp, Credits or contract completion points most, if not all matches

    we cannot order our fleet as we like. instead it orders ships by tier and class, so when we rejoin match (due to black screen bug) the first ship in our fleet isn't the one we want or set.

    Incuding infinite load screen bug (again)

Despite ALL OF THIS we are trying to maintain good Legendary que times of under 5 minutes, and most of us are jumping through hoops to play matches even though we get no rewards.
But many are losing hope and there is no word on social media or response of any kind!

If this were any other game people would just quit!

I can't imagine any new PS4 players would pick up this game after experiencing any of these bugs in their first few matches!

please at least aknowledge there is a problem and reset server or something... ANYTHING?!

this is truly unfair to an extremely loyal and forgiving fan base!

what's sad is that PS4 community still ques up and our wait time is still low even though:

  • we have to restart app every match to get around black screen bug

  • we get no rewards and our ships can't progress

  • we can't choose our ship and ready up

  • our fleets get shuffled every match so we don't know what our first ship in fleet is for the match (litterally a guess)

  • contracts don't work

  • ZERO explanation, acknowledgement or support from 6' or greybox on any social media platform

  • other freezes, bugs and issues

Amazing that our community has better que times than PC despite all these awful problems that would certainly turn away any new plyer after 1-3 matches!

any word on a fix or support, or even an acknowledgement?

Here are some ideas to keep PS4 dreadnought alive (too little too late?)


  • tier 1 and 2 are free to play

  • tier 3 and up require monthly sub of $10USD to enter into T3 and progress

  • each sub gets a monthly stipend of gold and occasional free items through promotion

  • keep vanity and customization purchasable


  • this is to get around black screen bug

  • return to old style battle bonus

  • only one ship allowed in fleet at a time

  • warp into match "blind" with ship selected in hanger, and fight it out!

  • this isn't ideal but is more realistic in a way, more true to the lore


  • in dire straights... this gets around "no reward bugs"

  • eliminates the need for contracts

  • eliminate the grind

  • all players gain access to all ships and modules up to and including tier 5

  • build our ships as we see fit!

  • fight it out and have fun!

  • reduce server space, simplify and streamline back end burden

  • keep vanity and customization purchasable


  • Daniel from Spacedock single handedly saved the Scify channel series "The Expanse"

  • this Youtuber has hundreds of thousands of subs and this story and gameplay is perfect for his channel and fans

  • this Youtuber is also firends with all the major "space ship battle" genre content creators on Youtube

  • reach out and see if you can get enough publicity to save dreadnought, like he already saved "The Expanse"

  • hey... he did the impossible once before! whats the hurt in asking?!?!?!?


  • sell the PS4 server side to a third party or to the player base

  • keep the server running as is

  • have the players pay or find volunteers to make a bare boned staff to keep the server and game up

  • no new content or balance patches

  • return server to stable pre legends redefined version (the best version IMO)


This game was unique, and if it can't survive as a business, theres no reason to just let it die forever!

I'm sure there will be nay sayers and give-upers...

but its crunch time folks!

The PS4 community are total fans, and we stuck with it this far!

sometimes when your down to 500 hull and no energy, you just pull a crazy tactic and pray it works!!!!

if anyone wants to post any ideas to save the PS4 server please do

you never know!

if you are just gonna hate and think the game is dead... why are you still here lol??????

thats bad news...

but the game was working fine more or less for months, can't the roll back to a more stable version?

Hi everyone!

I just posted my new Dreadnought Lore video "History and Timeline" on my channel Dee Rek Dreadnought

canon and complete, with on screen sources from the Dreadnought official site, Dreadnought official Twitter, Dreadnought official Youtube and the game itself.
(no Wiki because it's down)

more Dreadnought Lore Videos coming soon!

I have this tpic in video form on my you tube page:

"5 tips tp be a better dreadnought player"

I also have 2 advanced tactics videos:

and my new dreadnought lore video "History and Timeline"


I, and many of the CORE PS4 players have been very patient and loyal in the past.

que times have been very good and we are keeping the game alive, poulated and fun!
We have built a community and have weathered many storms...

But these bugs that have appeared in the last 3 days:
"black screen bug", "can't choose ship bug", the fleet "shuffle bug" and the return of the "no exp/contracts bug"

these are BAD.

the blue screen bug and other bugs on PS4 were circumventable, and we found work arounds to deal with them until they were fixed (usually restarting app after every match) and game play was still enjoyable.
any inconvenience was the price we paid for being true dread heads.

but this game, as great as it is, is very fragile.
Only a good player base and short ques keep it healthy.

but the "black screen bug" is causing players to just stop playing out of frustration.
the "can't choose ship bug" and "no rewards bugs" only add to the frustration!
on top of this, ships in my fleet get "shuffled" after i restart into low tier to high tier, then destroyer-dread-corvette-arty-tac...
making it almost impossible to level specific ships or complete contracts (if contracts are even working)

this makes the PERFECT STORM

So... to play a game, I remove all ships from my fleet except the one i want to play, start macth, get black screen, restart app, get into match 3 minutes late, the match is down 3-5 players per team, then i get no rewards for my game play... EVERY MATCH 100% for THREE DAYS!

i do NOT know of any other game that lets this sort of thing happen for DAYS except dreadnought.

I also don't know of any players that put up with this LACK OF SUPPPORT, except for us...

do you really want to lose fans of this level of loyalty?

it's been days... people ae walking away...

even if you get this fixed, what if those players don't come back?
can you afford to lose half the player base?

if i were a manager down there in texas, I would STOP all R&D, all gimmicks, all celebrations, all plans for the future, and FOCUS on game stability and FIXING the black screen bug situation.

working on things scheduled to be released in months or even years makes no sense, if the game is straight up unplayable today!




Hi vascilios!

yes to both everyone is

it's really bad this time