outstanding, thanks Bros belial!

I didn't think an armor option in internal was a bad idea at all, quite the contrary!

but 15 sec was a bit much...

The link didn't work reclaimer, but I've read a lot of your previous posts and thier on point!

thanks for the vote of confidence, I'm pretty sure this is an almost universal request from legendary mode players.

We need more maps.

We can't add more tiers or game modes because that dilutes the Que times. (until we get more players anyway)

We only have 6 maps (not including night/day mode, which is irrelivent)


Introduce the 2 Havoc maps, the Tutorial and PvE training map, to the new Map that has been hinted by the dev team.

That will give us between 9-10 maps!

This will add flavor to the game without disrupting balance!


While the two teams' initial starting points should always be opposite eachother, change the initial start points randomly.

For example: (on a clock face)
random option 1 = 12 and 6

random option 2 = 2 and 8

random option 3 = 3 and 9

random option 4 = 4 and 10

random option 5 = 6 and 12

random option 6 = 8 and 2

random option 7 = 9 and 3

random option 8 = 10 and 4

Just moving the start points randomly on maps so that you are fighting in different directions, and use the same cover points differently, can really add new dynamic gameplay and make the game seem less repetitive!

It can add new choke points, new plans of attack etc.

Also adding existing maps to PVP, in addition to the brand new map the devs are said to be working on, will give us true variaty of fight locations without sacraficing que time!



IXION Com ship is dumb... dead in 30 seconds in 90% of cases.

AMIRANI Com Ship usually spawns in near your enemies initial spawn, or in the same predictable place... also dumb

ASSAULT SHIPS spawn in preset locations and randomly fly around the map, often getting stuck and bunched together. This leads to mass farming, and thier "feel" not being very stimulating or dynamic.

Further more, besides representing a ship full of strategically thinking officers, and being the main focal point of oncluaght, anyone who plays a dozen onslaught games can easily predict or camp the Com Ships movements or actions.

CONSIDER these changes to make Onslaught more fun and dynamic:

Com Ship spawns in the friendly players initial spawn, becasue thats smart!

Com Ship respawns in the highest concentration of friendly ships not currently in combat!

If not such place exists, it spawns in the initial friendly spawn!

All assualt ships spawn in next to the thier Com Ship.

Once spawned, the Assault ships slowly make their way to the enemy command ship. If no enemy command ship exists, they follow (escort) the friendly command ship

once spawned, command ships randomly choose 1) clockwise or 2) counter clockwise.

Once a path is chosen, the command ship travels the outer area of the map in the randomly chosen direction until desroyed.

This leads to one of 4 situations, that will dynamically change eah time a com ship is spawned.
Either the two com ships slowly fly toward/away eachother in one of two directions, or the two com ships "nascar" in one of two directions.
In all cases the Com ship avoids the center of the map, because its not a warship, and in real life com/suppot ships avoid the main engagement zone.

Simple to code, yet dynamic results!

The assault ships now create a light "screen" against corvettes and other ships, but aren't dangerous enough to make corvette captains have to work that much harder.

Why make new game modes that could dilute the Ques, when we can make the most popular game mode a little more dynamic and fun.


I've been waiting for this to emerge organically, but it hasn't... I posted this idea last week on my youtube channel: Dee Rek Dreadnought


!2,500 and 11,000 are BOTH too high!

If your goal is to make people not buy the battle bonus and have players progress slower at high tiers, WHY even put a price on it???

No one, as in litterally no one, on PS4 server in the 100 memeber elite Dread chat has bought the bonus!

we are too starved for credits to buy T4-5 modules for 30(!) different ships, that can only be levelled in one game mode.

We use non-levelled ships when the bonus is available, and our already levelled ships when it is not available!

The new fleet tier system has drastically improved Queue times in Leg, and experience gained in Leg is OK for T4 ships in most circumstances! )so going back on the new tier system is no longer an option)


Drop Battle Bonus cost tp 6,000 credits!

This is 4X the cost of veteran mode Battle Bonus

It still cost more than successfully completing one contract!

In most average games with average performance, you either barely make your money back, or incur a small loss!

At this price range you still make the bonus expensive enough to not sustain contant use, but also make it affordable enough to use consistently on a new t4 or t5 ship if you have 100,000 credits extra in the bank or recently completed 3 contracts!

remember that T4 modules set you back 50,000 credits on average, and T5 80,000 credits on average.

This current cost REALLY hurts tier 4 ship players IMO


Replace corvette Armor Amp with Armor Lockdown - No Brainer

The unbalanced vette armor Amp subject has been beat to death, but how has no one thought of this, and I came up with it in minutes.

I've been waiting for this to emerge organically, but it hasn't...

So in case it's not obvious, here is my thesis.

The new Armor Lockdown no longer restricts movement or drains energy (at least in T4-5 where I play, not sure about lower tiers)

it fits the Dev's "Module Normalization across ships/tier" initiative, which is widely well recieved!

Armor lockdown is already the internal module for Arty and Tacs

It gives 95% damage reduction, which can be kicked up to 101.5%, 105% or 111.5% depending on OB.

It only lasts 6 second

It has a savage 55sec-1min cooldown.

It can be stripped by rupture


corvettes get 5-6 seconds to escape or alpha, but suffer a long cooldown, and aren't invuln for 15 seconds, and can't really abuse retaliator with thier shields, like with armor amp!

It fits in with the module normalization initiative

Ta Da!

your welcome

I recently had a match where I was on a team with no squads and 2 bots.
The other team was two full squads... it was unpleasent.

I almost always run solo, and almost always land on a team of randoms, and 70% of my matches are against a squad...

sometimes back to back against the same squad over and over.

The Leg pop and que times are as best as they have ever been, but matchmaking leaves much to be desired!

The excuse of "find a squad or die" isn't in the spirit of the game IMO.

ever since LR, the game balance has been thrown off in general

I agree, this is a good idea for hashing out class fan discussions and class tactics!!!

I am an avid corvette player as it's my second favorite class.

I am super excited with the new changes to corvettes coming and I think they are a great way to boost corvette performance while at the same time limiting the "noob farm" potential.
I also think the modules changes proposed are on point!

However, can you please include a change to scramble mines?

I understand scramble pulse, although more balanced game play wise, would be ideal, but there are already plenty of proximity mudules for the corvette. therefore scramble mines!

but the scramble mine cooldown makes it so a corvette (or two) can continuously keep a target blind indefinately... for the entire match!

This is kinda OP!

I have a replay where 2 corvettes kept me scrambled for over 3 minutes...
later the same match one corvette kept me blind for a minute and a half!

this is lame and no one likes this!

can the devs also include scramble mines in the corvette module fixes?
At least make it so the victim can see the corvette for a few seconds before they are scrambled again?


Thank you D-is-Real!

I appreciate you sharing this! (i didn't even ask lol)

I also have tips, strats and replays ;-)