I agree with D-is-real for the most part, except currently the akula corvettes are the worst, but hopefully the new patch will change that.

amazingly most of the ships are very balanced and compliment specific play styles.

maybe a better question woud be:
What ship is best for beginners/generic play?

but in advanced play it comes down to play style.

I have 12 t5 ships and all 15 T4 ships, and each one has the capability to get me a 18+=0 KD replay!
(except the akula corvettes)

A Hero ship has lore and is a "premade" ship with not just unique skins, but also a locked set of modules and officer briefings.

A "retrofit" is just a new skin model without the modules or briefings.

perhaps vintage is a re-release of an old hero ship, or possibly refers to a retrofit skin.

retrofits are pretty awesome, since gaining tier doesn't make them reduntant and they tend to be cheaper.

I shouldn't get trolled/triggered like this, but wow treelady?...

First, quickplay button only appears after you play your first match of that session...
because, quick play is meant to "quickly" "play" a repeat of your last match?
So... yeah...?

Second, this game is FAR from pay to win... skill is win in dreadnought.

You only spend gold on cosmetics, onlike MOST other games! (looking at YOU EA)
There is litterally NOTHING that gold can by to make you more effective!
You cant buy better ships or modules with gold! Hero ships are never better than well thought out custom builds!
The only way to get better at the game is to grind and practice...
you can't spend money on loot boxes or special addition han solo blasters in THIS well balanced game!!!

Third, if you don't like this game and don't have any CONSTRUCTIVE critism or suggestions for an indipendent development team that breaks their backs trying to make us happy...

maybe you should play another game?

I agree and disagree:

Many gun noises were "gimped", and I especially don't like the new Akula destroyer guns...
I also miss engine /background noises.
I also miss the old artillery gun noises and the old low-hull alert!

However HUD noises and module effect noises have improves IMO>

Most importantly Jupiter destroyer gun noises are Waaaaay better than they used to be, I love them!

Additionally, I felt like some of the old gun noises were too loud and gave headaches after many matches.
The Jutland/Monarch guns were to "reverberating/Echo" for my taste.

I think the best solution is to keep the new sounds we like, and adress particular and specific noises we don't and have the dev's make subtle changes over time, instead of another big overhaul!

Nice post!


Please keep playing brother!

You will get your "battle of Endor/Serenity/Earth" from THIS game!

The recruit fleet tier is to "ease you in" before you engage the insanely fast paced action at the higher tiers.

Veteran and Legendary mode is INTENSE! as Bro Belial mentioned, the Vindi and Corvette attack is brutal and fast paced "dogfight/Millenium-Falcon" style madness!

However the battleship broadside slug fests are ever present in this game at all levels, and the combination of the two is what makes this game special!!!

Hi everyone, this post is more for the Dev's, but if you're a player and want to chime in feel free!

first question:

A lot of us veteran/elite PS4 players really like the new Havok Map, will this be able for PVP matches soon? (it is wonderfully designed and has a lot of tactical potential)

Second Question:

This is for us Dreadnought content creators, will there be any specific lore information thats considered 'canon' on the folloing subjects?

1) Ship statistics such as length, crew compliment, class battle history, weapon/shield ratings, manufacturer names of engines/weapons (such as the american mustang having rolls royce engines, or weapons names like "sidewinder" "typhoon" etc)

2) Time line for the Trans Human war for character lore, famous battles, famous political/military figures, current state of the solar system, time in between the end of the Transhuman war and current events, etc

3) expanded lore on pirate organization, space corperations other than the 3 mega corps, mining guilds, local colony governments, etc

4) did any transhumans survive, are they on the run, are there hidden colonies, is oberon into just the tech or are there secret trans-human dealings, trans-human relationships with Sinley bay (nuetral/pro/ against) etc?

just wondering because I make content and have held back on making lore videos because I don't want to violate cnon material

Thumbs up! High Five! Hugs... and Many Thanks!


Thanks that is a huge relief and good to know,

I appreciate it!

Hi BB,

I'm a PS4 player...

Is there an F12 equivilent on PS4?

Hi Awl!

Math here,

I just posted my Top Tips video on my Dreadnought PS4 Replay Channel:

Dee Rek Dreadnought!

This 25 minute video goes over my five best tips to get very good at dreadnought, including a whole lot of gameplay footage, examples, and stats analysis!

Here is the link to the video:

I also have almost 300 action packed high score replays to watch, as well as Tips and review videos!
Link to my channel is in my signature
Thanks for watching!

I'll see you awl in Sinley Bay!