This made my day. I look forward to playing the space game where the developers actually want me to control a dreadnought!

nwood#2177 posted (#post-2638)

Well if gatling guns and corvettes are your thing then you should love the light corvette. It's got four massive gatling guns strapped to the front. :)

Let me beta test it and I'll tell you how much I like it. :3

While I got your attention, how about adding torpedoes that cloak while running straight ahead and de-cloak when making course adjustments? Perhaps give them a bit more range and the decloak gives opponents a chance to shoot them down.

Thanks for the rundown Nathan. I always have had a soft spot for submarines and torpedoes. Cloaking corvettes with torps. seem like a perfect mirror in a space game. However, I also have a soft spot for gatling guns, so a dreadnought's gatling broadside sounds irresistible.

Until I get a chance to play, I'm saying torpedoes and gatling broadsides are tied for my favorite until I get a chance to use them both and compare.

I haven't got a chance to play the game at all, but could someone who has tell me about the "torpedoes" available in the game? I see in the wiki that corvettes have them with cloak. How much damage to these do compared to a salvo from the dreadnought's medium range guns? How much damage do they do vs a salvo of tracking missiles from a dreadnought?

Just throwing this out there. I'd pass on the clothes and key chains. I would be interested in a little miniature ship made of metal or plastic that I could play table top games with or just have sitting on my desk. I'm not wealthy enough to pay for cell phone sized 3d printed ships, but a dreadnought the size of a cigarette lighter or box of batteries, I'd shell out $15-$30 bucks for.

I wouldn't mind loot in the form of special ammo, or fancy material to make extra or better armor. Salvaging a core, engine, or gun that one manufacturer makes better than another would be sweet to bolt on mine.

Since there aren't going to be any cool PAX like events near Arkansas, my only chance to play test is going to be beta. So I'm starting posting here at 12:50AM. Sooner or later I'll be seeing you guys in the sky in my dreadnought. Oorah!