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So before this goes any further off topic smile what are things you guys would like to see if there was a founders pack? Let me prefixes this with currently I don't know anything about a founders pack. However I am interested in things you guys would like to get for supporting dreadnought. Skins, decals, coatings, captain outfits, and other vanity items are cool and I like the T-Shirt idea, any others?

In game chat color and name color with plates behind them. You know like a awesome background for the user name and an awesome kill feed animation when you kill someone.

maybe create a special club with a vip room for subscribers/founders. (social area). Where as the club room would be open for everyone and the vip room is exclusive with special things smile.

Novelty items like models of ships and cloths this could be included if you want but I think a game store would be cool I wouldn't mind a model ship.

Well just to add to this.

(There are many things we can have such as interior designs for bases as a thing (form of fleet/clan bases/stations)

(Appealing cloths for your captains/

(Xp/Money boosts

(Ship camos/appearances.

- Weapon appearance changes

- Mods

- Fighters

(pretty much anything that can have a skin)

I am also fine with being able to buy items with both in-game currencies and premium currencies as long as its both and not one over the other and that is if it still remains in xp lock until they can obtain it, but I would prefer if it didn't happen and it would just be something that I would tolerate if that was the case.

Convince is usually something most companies do, but end up covering pay to win with the very word saying its convenient for the users to buy things faster over normal free to play users and being able to reach end game faster. This can sometimes end up with other things hidden within this that makes people who pay more powerful than a normal players. I have seen a few companies do this sort of trick I don't believe Yager would do this but the temptation is pretty high and smart. (ex. most people who spend large amounts are those who want to be the coolest and badass.)

So with that in mind companies that provide free to play games have to come up with things that don't break game play but are only able to be obtain by paying users and not free users, but at the same time not leaving the free users in the dust.

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I was wondering if there will be founders packs offered in order to access the first round of CBT?

I feel I cannot possibly be the only one looking forward to this enough to drop some cash hastily.

did you buy their other game grey goo ? If not that could be a start to help support them.

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No, I don't have the fitting GIF, because I don't know that gag smile

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What? ^^

But I got somethingto go along with that:

That's disturbing smile

You think thats bad ?

This is the worst case of bed bug.

+1 to anyone who knows the movie.

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Well, he knew 2 things, tho.

Where to put it and how to use his mouth&tongue smile

But there was so much ketchup that it took more than 2 bottles


That moment you win to only find out winning was only half the battle.

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I figured as long as the forum isn't super busy yet and the game is in development, I should get this mildly uncomfortable discussion out of the way. But don't worry, it'll be fine. :)

So I used to play this other sci-fi space MMO that shall not be named. It was developed by a studio, which in turn was owned by a larger parent company that runs several MMOs - pretty standard. I played it from early 2012 to the end of last year, as F2P, but I did make some "micro"transaction purchases (just for full disclosure). Now this game, as I understand, is doing incredibly well financially, but in my opinion is doing terribly in quality. I left because over the years they (probably the parent company) focused on maximizing profit at the expense of making a quality game.

Bugs went (and still go) unfixed for years; lack of testing allows bug-riddled and game breaking stuff onto the main server; new things to buy get pumped out despite these problems; power creep runs rampant because a new shiny has to be more OP to sell; nearly everything is time-gated grind (including anniversary celebrations); no development is allotted to user generated content, PvP, or anything that doesn't make a quick buck; communication is almost exclusively PR work; and the lead dev doesn't help the problems by being so out of touch that I question whether he develops the same game we play.

So where does this tie into Dreadnought? Well, I point out all these issues because they are a product of years of neglect, short-sighted designs, bad design, and overmonetization. However, the game started exactly where Dreadnought is now: a great looking, promising MMO still in development with open communication and transparency. But over time, the game lost its transparency, it lost its focus on profit and quality, it lost its communication, and it lost its attention to player input.

That could happen with Dreadnought. I don't want that to happen. None of us do, of course! So I'm saying this now to show what can happen if we, us the community and you the developers, get out of touch. I don't mean any of this in a bad way. You guys are doing a great job so far and I want it to continue, so here are a few key points to make sure that Dreadnought remains a great and respectable game:

1. No matter what, keep the line of communication open. I might not like a decision, but if we can talk it out then I will come to respect the decision. The only thing that p!sses me off more than a terrible change is being silent about it. The most powerful tool we have as humans is communication! I also want to make sure that you'll be aware of my satisfaction, because I will always give credit where it's due. :)

2. Help us help you. The PvP community - yes the entire community - in the aforementioned MMO was wiped out by neglect. On many occasions, I and plenty of others offered to do the work in, for example, determining how to rebalance gear for PvP or creating better systems to sort UGC quests. Silence. Nothing. We really do want to help you guys out the best I can to make the game better! We just need to know that you guys are there with us.

3. Integrity, integrity, integrity. Naturally, the only thing that p!sses me off more than being silent is lying to my face. The most tragic part of my little rant-story is that on so many occasions, the studio (I won't say anyone in particular) flat out lied. They lied about bugs "always working as intended," only to backtrack on that later. They lied about how stuff would affect the game. They said what they'd never do only to do it. I can only urge you, be honest!

If you guys keep being honest, open, and helpful, Dreadnought will keep being great. I'd hate to see great potential wasted, and that's why I say this. Dev guys, you're doing awesome. Don't stop doing awesome.

The game you played before is still fun if you got the right channels and fleet (if we are talking about the same bugged filled mmo)

It's still a good game, but it requires grinding and knowledge to keep going as well as tolerance for the other issues they have and so far I haven't put much into the game expect maybe for one ship that I needed or toon slots.

Then again once this game is released I will probably drop that game for this one if it turns out well.

Well considering it was too small before its like literately 30% larger than they first thought which would now classify it as a dwarf planet.

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Ive had a valid email and so since I joined this community but Ive never had a single newseltter sent to me O.o

newsletter will only be for CBT key

Still wishing and hoping then <3

we all are, still want founders pack if someone didn't get a key to join + there might be bonuses

hmm for me I really dislike founder packs feels like a way to get money on something you don't know if you will or will not like and that's not the purpose of closed beta. However I could see special packs and such that you can obtain during open beta its just for me buying to get into a closed beta seems silly, thats just me though.

Why should you?Imagine Dreadnought as growing flower,we are its water :P

Every dev is doing its job,but again its a job and they hope to make their leavings..Founders pack can boost the process of beta..Just saying...Been w8ting this game for a long time,i would pay some money to show my respect to it..And ofc having something for the launch that nobody esle has,showing that i did participated in CBT..

Founder packs are an pretty bad thing honestly. Some games if they have more capital can get away with them but those who are kinda starting out will find it hard after a while because people will lose interest depending on the prices of the packs. Generally I see founder packs as a cheap alternative marketing strategy to make a game at a set price while gaining the attention of those who want a f2p game.

But I have seen a post somewhere this game was fully funded and founder packs are not a thing at all here. There might be some packs you can buy for many other things, but I think this game will be founder free.

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I'm very glad to be apart of this group. And testing this game. I will give you as much detailed feedback as i possible can. Awesome trailer by the way

just a bit off though. Also its random invite unfortunately hope we are all lucky to get in though.