expect for me I could prob play the whole game on just my mouse if such a thing is able to be macro that way...

If that isn't possible then I guess I will use this instead.

Drakane#2657 posted (#post-3738)

Be careful not to stare for too long into the endless black sea. It can take your soul without notice.

I absolutely love this, and unless my Google-fu has failed me it seems to be an original quote. Is it?

The one I did here has not been done yet, but there are many other versions of it that have the same meaning.

XComing4YouX#2469 posted (#post-3733)

So, it is the summer now. Is the initial release date "wrong", or is there still a chance of it coming out in the summer?

Well...... there's always next summer p.p..

Step#0837 posted (#post-3728)

Where to download?

Soon........... So SOON that it doesn't need a trade mark.

HMSWarspite#5192 posted (#post-3674)

I hope to be apart of participation of these forums. The game sparked great curiosity for me.

Be careful not to stare for too long into the endless black sea. It can take your soul without notice.

Crowtac#5367 posted (#post-3672)

Hey guys n girls, Old forty something space captain here just popping in to say a big Hi to all my fellow players who I am sure I will be spending many hours trading blows and sharing victories and defeats with....along with large amounts of Thraxolian ALE !

Living to fight another day is more important than dying. We shall see who of us is more savvy on the tides of battle and who will out live the other.

Auryn_Of_Mordor#2558 posted (#post-3645)

Hello everybody:

I just discovered this fantastic game ...

let's see what awaits us in the Destination.

The sea is endless and possibilities are abundant. We will see you on the tides of battle as ally or foe.

The black seas are calling will you answer their call ?

Dedadude#1215 posted (#post-3722)

Chipinators#8309 posted (#post-3716)

While I get what you're saying about identifying a ship from it's appearance I think no matter what cosmetics you add to a ship they all have a specific look. Artillery Cruisers are long and narrow, Corvettes are small, Tactical Cruisers are boxy, etc

And there will be icons too!

Forget the Doritos ITS ALL ABOUT THE ICONS!

DEVASTRATOR#4326 posted (#post-3657)

Shuriko#5214 posted (#post-3656)

Drakane#2657 posted (#post-3655)

You are most definitely still in time for the beta! Stay tuned for more information!


depends on how you define soon.I define soon until august

ya starting to feel like its gonna be coming till end of summer really, if that. I mean things can change and who knows.