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As mentioned in the Title ^^.

Will Dreadnought be @ Gamescon 2015.

I'm realy looking forward to the game.

Yeah they are going to be there.

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Ive had a valid email and so since I joined this community but Ive never had a single newseltter sent to me O.o

newsletter will only be for CBT key

Still wishing and hoping then <3

we all are, still want founders pack if someone didn't get a key to join + there might be bonuses

hmm for me I really dislike founder packs feels like a way to get money on something you don't know if you will or will not like and that's not the purpose of closed beta. However I could see special packs and such that you can obtain during open beta its just for me buying to get into a closed beta seems silly, thats just me though.

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I thought someone in the chat said that they were not doing founders packs as the game is F2P. Not sure how accurate that is though. If they did do some sort of founders pack I'd hope it'd only be cool ship customization things and not selling early access. I can't stand games that sell early access because the people who buy it don't follow the game and are expecting a finished product; when they don't get it they will complain and hate on the game. Hopefully early access is given to people on the forums and newsletter subscribers and not brand new people who just want to get their hands on the game.

Ya I was very sure I saw some where that they are not going to do founder packs and will only do Closed Beta then Open beta. I know a few games that didn't do founders and still are successful till this day compared to the ones that did do packs.

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Hey guys, just wanted to say hey and introduce myself.

I'm Tanner and wouldn't mind finding others to play with. I'm an avid gamer and enjoy things like Elite Dangerous, World of Tanks, World of Warships, LoL, Dota 2, etc

Anything else, feel free to ask :)

Good day Captain. Lets hope the waters are fair this day.

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Sup guys and gals?

New to the forums, but I have played at the last 4 PAX's. Can't wait for game/beta launch and I have all of my pals stoked too.

Always good to see new faces on the station.

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Hey guys!

I'm form the US. I work for IBM as an engineer, I'm also studying Elector Mechanical Engineering, and I play, organize, and create games as a hobby. I'm a space pilot stuck in a 21st century body, and I'm ready to kill some toasters.

Welcome! Lets hope our paths meet in good weathers.

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i don't know about you but i will destroy the bugs without telling to the community ,with my secret weapon

I don't think that Aroxol is going to work against Q&A Team ;-D

Q&A team is too strong for Aroxol.We need to NERF Q&A!

This is escalating quickly =D

Not when you are at war with these.

Don't worry there are much bigger guns though.

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I´m assuming the game is goint to get a steamrelase so the question is, is the Beta coming to steam.

We're currently planning on using a stand alone launcher like Jownsy said.

We need an ingame account to track our stats do we need a new Account or do we use the forumacc or possible our steamaccounts.

The plan right now is that a Greybox account will be your boarding pass to Dreadnought

And the last question is are they still opting for a release in Summer?

There is no set date yet, as soon as I can share one with you I will!


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I was hoping to see some actual updates after a couple months, instead I found the entertainment classic of scoring life as an MMO (7.8/10 too much water).

Every time a new video comes out, I get hyped, and then I remember there's still no beta, and I die a bit inside.

Seriously what would Yager like to speed up the beta? Candy, Soda, Chips, an arm and a leg, or maybe my firstborn kid( on an IOU basis)?

You must bring 3 goats and 2 sheep every month for the next few years and they will consider it.

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So true! Sign me up, strap me in, and fire me towards the red planet.

The person below me owns a telescope.

Very true I have one thats able to view a planet in hi definition all at the press of a button on an remote and it will show up on my computer or tv and get recorded at the same time.

The person below me LIKES to watch videos of cats acting stupid.