let's see how long would it take. half a month now

yes and no.

only for interceptors' kills.

I don't sure if this still happening now.

tried again today, multiple kills using interceptors but not counted into model kill contract.


any devs working on it?

  • add a function to Auto-forwarding

  • progression page after a game: make a button to let people click to see details, the main page should only shows final result. the current system which let every details jump out in turn is very lame and extremely time wasting.

-commander ship looks lame like a dumb cargo. how about making it more sifi and commanding?

-maps inside atmosphere: add some tanks and mechs fighting on the ground would be nice. especially in onslaught.

  • make an option to prevent showing the red fist/clover icon when allies pinning target. It's extremely interfering sniping at maximum range. The target is already very small and can't see clearly with those icons.

  • prevent spawning pinning information (F key info) in chatbox

  • How about link killing-score to the performance of the killed target? If someone kills a player with high score, which means the killed is a high threatening target, shouldn't the killer be rewarded a higher score than killing some less important target?

  • enable right clicking anywhere to close current menu. I love this operation since met Endless Space.

  • enable backward function in tech tree. most mouse have such keys nowadays.

  • Don't let weapon switching stop firing.

  • enable dragging to change ships' order in hangar

  • don't prevent weapon switching while warping

up for removing auto equip after buying

maximmm#5966 posted (#post-158298)

Sounds like you might be a frequent jet flier.

What's unique about TE is that it forces people to use strategy in order not to end up in a jet. Those that don't learn this little gem of info early on end up complaining on the boards.

Sounds like a jerk. Expecting some response like this but taunting fellow players won't help the game become better.

Before making big talk about "strategy", please learn some logic:

"What's NOT unique in any game mode is that it forces people to use strategy in order not to end up DEFEAT."

So "strategy" has nothing to do with unique or the frustrating of playing TE. It's equally important in any game mode and should not be an excuse to force ppl playing inferior units.

I never noticed this since I always putting 5 ships in fleets.

But it's concerning and worth to keep an eye on this topic.

Sadly, after so long, still no devs care to response this topic.

can't agree with the "unique/beautiful jets" part.

there're lots of games in the market letting ppl playing jets/fighters/small ships like Star Conflict, War Thunder, Cloud Pirates etc.

So there's nothing "unique" about flying fighter jets.

The unique thing in this game is flying huge heavy spaceships, and the energy distribution system. That's really unique. But since jets can't do those, TE mode is actually making the game less "unique".

The only thing unique in TE mode is forcing players to fight as a weaker unit, which I never ever seen any other MOBA doing so. Yeah, that's really unique, but it's a bad idea.

Is this a bug or intention?

I just finished a game in which I hit a target with stasis missile but unable to shoot it with anything else. An ally started to attack it after my stasis missile hit the target (I can see the debuff on the name plate then the ally started to shoot it) and finished it before the stasis debuff end.

So I didn't shoot the target, but the stasis missile made damage, and applied debuff. My understanding is that this situation should count as "assist". Am I wrong? If not, then it's a bug.