I miss being able to keybind my shield, engines, and weapon power... This was working so well in closed beta smile I hate the pinwheel...

DN_Dariuas#6010 posted (#post-44985)

We have not announced an official date of the reset, but we will let everyone know before it happens.

My hopes of a September reset are fading fast... They have said many times before that they would give us ample warning before a reset, and not getting any warning today would mean IMHO that a Friday reset is 50/50 at best. I guess tomorrow will tell the tale.

Any word on whether 2.0 will be released this week? I had heard it was slotted for a late September release... did that get moved back?

Is it just me, or is GreyBox_Support HOT!

Guiboy#2161 posted (#post-40026)

Also, heavy healers are too powerful in repairs. Repairs should never overcome damage or they should have a reload time. (cooling time)


Heavy Healers are fine- it causes more teamplay. If you want to take out 2 Koshi's you have to do a coordinated attack. You can't go in piecemeal and expect success. It is what elevates the coordinated teams from the riff raff.

hari_seldon#4920 posted (#post-39991)

The patch process itself could be optimized. What are the stages "Dreadnoguht Copying" and "Dreadnought Checking" doing? Calculating hash sums over all files? They are applied before even downloading the patch and take a long time on an HDD.

Yes yes yes- the here we are at 94%- http delivery failure- jump to 46%- jump to 94%- jump to 47%- got old quick.

I have also noticed when 2 healable targets are next to you, the heal beam will sometimes target the closest target regardless of you aiming at the further target.

Targeting should be pure- no auto "help". There are times when I am coming over a cliff and the targeting reticle will stick to the terrain...

I agree 100% with Tandko, the "being hit" sound is awful.

The hanger and the ice planet are now toooo bright- if you lower the gamma you can't see the captains at the end of game screen...

My gamma is at 35 now... Not sure what else to do.

If I wanted to strafe I would play COD or Battlefield One- I LOVE how the ships move in this game, slow and pondering, every action deliberate and with consequences. It feels like I am flying a HUGE ship! Please don't add strafing...