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Module preview shows the Tier 4/5 version of Immelmann Maneuver which is tighter, and faces you in the direct opposite direction. The Tier 3 version of Immelmann lasts about a half second longer, which faces you more vertically downward, along with an extra bit of yaw rotation. I personally am unsure if this was intentional, but I also get the impression that it wasn't and it was just never looked at BUT, please look into this and adjust accordingly.

My recommendation for this is similar to a suggestion I had a long time ago when the Partner program was still in existence.

BECAUSE there are tiers and there's, unfortunately three stages for this, Tier 1 ships shouldn't even be played against other players. Forget that recruit is an option. Tier 1 is your tutorial for learning how to play the game. The immediate tutorial is good and all, but then you have to go into Proving Grounds for a bit, which is also fine, but you just have to play a set number of matches. What Tier 1 should be is, research and purchase upgrades while learning and upgrading to Tier 2 ships and even researching those, upgrading, etc.

Recruit should be Tier 3, Veteran Tier 4, Legendary Tier 5.

Why that specifically? Because you don't play enough matches in Proving Grounds to be able to get a solid grasp on how the game really works before jumping into online matches vs other players. At least now, with Recruit being Tier III, you have a foundation.

+1 to this idea. This would be super great and make the forums look good.

So, we know that controller support is buggy, touchpad inputs no longer work as they used to but everything else works perfectly fine. We were told (for the controller users like myself) that it's going to be fixed down the road.

I haven't played DN in a while (mostly because I needed a short break) so I'm wondering

  1. Is controller support back

  2. If not, how long until it starts getting worked on?

Thank you to the DN dev team and engineers who are constantly working on the game. You're all doing great.

Is there a way to prossibly export the chroma effect so people can download it? It's amazing, first day using a razer keyboard with chroma and the effects in-game really make it immersive.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-225580) said:

Kokoro uses a PS4 controller on PC, he has no issues.

That's "Kokurou", sir, lol and nope I have 0 issues. In fact I give even some of the "m&k master race" guys a hard time. While camera rotation is slower, I feel it's more accurate than using a mouse. The only downside for using a controller in Dreadnought (and some on PS4 accised me of hacking for doing this) is, while under Scrambler, you cannot swipe for your energy wheel. I had s keyboard attached to my PS4 so I would always be able to raise my shields with F2 on the keyboard. Same concept spploes even to PC.

People will say "gah m&k is better for this game". I might be the only person on PC that uses a controller, and I will argue that a controller is better just because your left hand isn't doing too much at once. All in all,it boils down to preference.

If DN actually does go cross-platform, there's going to be a lot of competition. M&K will definitely be challenged against a controller.

F1, F2 and F3 still work. If you're on PS4 you can attach a keyboard to your console and do that. Or if you're on PC you can still use F1, F2 and F3 for energy. I got into this little habit on PS4, when I moved to PC I still have that habit.

So, a lot of people already knew this, but I play DN with a controller. PS4 habits. Anyhow, the standard PS4 controller has full support. Energy wheel using the touchpad, short commands also using the touchpad, analog support, face/dpad controls work, everything works exactly the same as it would on the PS4.

You'd think the Razer Raiju would have the same support. Well, it does. Mostly. The additional buttons can't be remapped (for whatever weird reason) the touchpad is unresponsive (aside from pressing it to bring up the energy wheel and short commands). The additional buttons actually do what the trigger buttons do. Which, is weird. I've already spoken to Razer, I'm still in the process of doing a full setup/support much like the standard PS4 controller has. It's gonna take a while.

Either there's not a true support yet, or it has to wait for Steam to let this happen.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-224993) said:

Point 1 I'd say is a bug, But then that build is a broken build if you ask me.

Lol my build isn't broken in any way. I don't run blast pulse or autorepair. But it does happen on my artilleries as well. It's like Desperate Measures nullifies Survival Instincts.

  1. Survival Instinct + Kinetic Weapon Amp = 0 reload speed on a Stribog. However, when Desperate Measures kicks in, you lose the effects of Survival Instinct, even below 50% HP. Bug or Intended?

  2. Scrambler - (for PS4 controller, Console AND PC) While scrambled, you can't swipe for shields, but you can press F2 for shields. Bug or Intended? (I discovered this one back when I was on console, I do it even here on PC since I use a PS4 controller to play the game)