You might want to implement a system whereby you pre-test your patches in a closed environment with qualified QA testers as opposed to the current system you have now.

I worked for Blizzard and...while I did sign a NDA and am limited as to what I can tell you....I can say that developing a QA team from the current community would not be too difficult and would aid greatly in quality control of these patches.

..just a thought.

Nephilim#7780 posted (#post-206766) said:

You should not lose any of your Elite Status time while the Servers are down.

That is one question I asked months ago, and Customer Support told me that regarding the same issue. I have noticed in past server issues I never lost time of my Elite Status.

Agreed. As day two looms with the time slipping away, I should get what I paid for not some half-measure. It was a paid contractual agreement for time in game... NOT DOWNTIME.

The hair on Greywolf is rising.

Enterprise_NC1701#2026 posted (#post-206529) said:

Reply from the Hospital. Pray for me.

Will pray for you. I hope everything is ok...

For those of us who have purchased elite status, would it be possible to get prorated time added back to our accounts due to the downtimes we've been having?


-The Immortal Greywolf

Daxten#3759 posted (#post-206207) said:

Meh realisticly we should have 5 fleets and each teir should be it's own queue, but sadly this game just dosn't have enough players for that level of playerbase stratification.

This would be ideal, but yeah....the playerbase is a bit too small.

So, after playing for awhile and talking to the player base, I'd like to give more open feedback in an effort to help balance out some rather obvious issues.

Recruit play should be Tier 1 only. Protect your new players.

Veteran play should be Tier 2 and 3. (you really don't want to have tier 3s be such a painful experience thus losing players at this level and you're not in a tier 2 very long as it is, so the seal clubbing here will be relatively minor by comparison to what is happening this is the best of a bad situation).

Legendary should be Tier 4 and 5 respectively (this will rejuvenate the nearly dead legendary queues and while seal clubbing of tier 4s will inevitably happen here, there are theoretically enough modules and enough xp at tier 4 to make up for it).

Again, this will rejvenate the almost dead legendary queues and stop the seal clubbing of Tier 3s at the same time.

That's my suggestion.

Let the naysaying commence.

It's the precedent being set, not the platform or system or OS.

Things are going to probably change in the industry. Again, I'd like to see Greybox talk to their legal department and get ahead of the curve.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-203753) said:

No I didn't. I think you don't understand what WHO is talking about, or what true grind is.

Also Lawers will generally take anything as long as you can pay there fees.

You're wrong on multiple points here. My profession is in the medical field. My undergrad degree was in psychology. I work in the medical profession.

This is going to herald a new era in the gaming community and it needs to be addressed. You promoting a status quo point of view is proving my point. It's yesterdays viewpoint that you have...

YOU don't really understand, Belial. I'm sorry to be so blunt, but you don't.

Brother Belial#4215 posted (#post-203748) said:

There is nothing in this game that you can even gamble on, so, No. As for the grind comment. Go play a Korean MMO, or one of the many MMo's on Stream, then you'll know what Grind is.

The Module prices are on the high side yes, but if you buy eliet they are quite easy to get. After all elite is where the Dev's make there steady income. Don't confuse a free to play game to a free game. You are not supposed to get everything with in 2-3 months of playing. Ive been playing since May, and I don't play a lot. I am missing 2 T4's and I have 2 T5's. Ive bought the total of 2 weeks of Elite in this time.

I've also thrown in a few quid along the way, got the orion Hero ship beacue I like it, and did a bit of XP conversion and credits because I wanted a few things now.

The Dev's need to make money to keep the lights on. 75%-90% of a free to plays games income, comes from 10% of the player base. Bottom line is, in any free to play game, if you want to be playing at the top end, you need to be in that top 10% of players spending money, or spend to progress quickly so when you get to the top progression is not too bad.

Or you can just do what more people do and just truck along enjoying the game. to be fair, T5 matches only happen in the evenings EU times, the rest of the day it's Veteran or Recruit matches. T5 are just trophie ships for the most part.

I think you missed the entire point of my thread.

My desire to play has really been curtailed as well...