The title may feel a bit hyperbolic; but hear me out, I really like this game, it reminds me of HAWKEN before they did a u-turn on the steam release and killed the game off. I truely believe this game will die because not enough people will ever have the sheer willpower to make it to tier 5 and I am one of those people. Aside from the occasional tac cruiser spam, recruit fleet is the most fun you'll have in this game and the most balanced. If you're like me you couldn't wait to get some tier 3 ships; I had it all planned out, which tree I'd go for, what ships I wanted. Only to realise that everything goes south, fast. The ships feel less powerful not more; the imbalance rears it head and I'm left with a bad taste and that drive that I had going from tier 2 to 3 is gone. I am no longer interested in this game at all and that is the worst part about it.

This game could be a genre-defining, yet I feel its potential is being squandared and it will be remembered only for its failings with some other game taking its torch (and its players). So what are dreadnoughts failings current day:

A dev team too focused on microtransactions (not saying you can't have them). Dreadnought is in dire need of a niche gamemode. One that only dreadnought has and while onslaught is fun, it effectively boils down to TDM, no-one cares about the objective (aside from the occasional corvette). Conquest only has two flags which makes the game very one-sided and seems to result in a game of cat(stronger team) and mouse(weaker team) between the two flags. In onslaught why not change the Obj to an AI controlled dreadnought that will actively seek out enemies instead of a supply carrier that stays on a linear path around the map? For conquest add spawn flags(4 flags) and tie respawing to whatever flag you hold, I would think might remedy this problem. Also for a game about massive ship battles there isn't enough space maps, which in my opinion are the most balanced maps (or at the very least the most immersive maps). I get that you need to make money, but it doesn't feel like its 50/50 (game content/Microtransactions). Peeps will buy you skins and
aesthetic items if they like your game. So first, you have to convince them its worth it and for me at least, you haven't.

By far the biggest problem in this game is the aforementioned imbalance and the grindfest that comes with it. Tier 3 ships are simply not fun to play, they dont play different to tier 2 ships but the variables have changed. To me there wasn't much of a difference between tier 1 and tier 2; but there is a significant difference between tier 3 and tier 4 ships to a point where I feel it breaks the game. I am sick of being able to wager which team will win the game at the start, not by skill but by how many tier 4 ships they have compared to my team. It seems the team with more tier 4s wins 90% of the time, which poses the question what is the purpose of tier 3 ships in the game? The only reason for their existance appears to be to drag progression out and fill you with envy for all the tier 4 ships that keep stealing your glory. The tier 3 ships are the tier 1 ships of veteran fleet (but far worse) and OH MY! do they drag out progression, 7-10 modules to unlock a ship each costing between 10,000 and 16,000 (some secondary weapons cost 17,000); and you'll be swapping ships (for the sake of team comp) and playing multiple ships this has led me to the conclusion that I simply will not invest that much time in grinding modules for ships that I will never play once I have a unlocked a tier 4 ship of the same class. I don't think I'm the only person with these opinions (I've certainly seen other posts either on reddit or here) this seems to correlate with waiting times. In recruit fleet it takes mere seconds to find a game with veteren it is always longer, often times alot longer. This could be blamed on the adolescence of the game; however, Dreadnought has been around long enough for me to come back 3-4 times over 2 years. Could this difference in waiting time be explained by a sudden desertion of players? Players who, once entering veteran become disheartened and either return to recruit or abandon the game. I of course have no idea if this is the reason but it is the reason why I stopped.

I really hope someone from Greybox sees this because from what I've seen in games and the chat I'm not the only one with this opinion. Nevertheless, I wish Greybox the best with Dreadnought and future projects and admire anyone who can grit their teeth keep going, for me it isn't fun and thats why I video games, to have fun.

Dennis Moore signing off.