I think I read something where uploading avatars could allow folks to interject malicious code into the forum.

Actually, in the Alpha stage you should just be happy that everything works correctly and even try to "break" the game by finding some strange flaw.

Having a great battle is a plus...

It said "thanks" basically.

It might be awhile before us folks who asked to join the Beta get to play, seeing as they are still in Alpha.

They say "good things come to those who wait."


CaptHyatt#6881 posted (#post-15458)

Just had a game where most of our team quit when it became something like 50-5

Wish I could say this has never happened to me, but it does and in pretty much every multiplayer game I've played.

Having some sort of player matching system would probably help... but it still is going to happen.

Just dust off the old uniform and try again... smile

The biggest thing I have commanded in real life is a motor launch crewed by a Coxswain and a big brutish boatswain mate with ugly tattoos and armed with a shotgun.

Anything larger than that would be cool. smile