IMO the best feature of Dreadnought was the vast amount of configuration possibilities, which is no more allowed in the low

tiers of the new system. I think that:

-In each tier you should be able to use at least one ship for each class. Why can't we play dreadnought or corvette at tier 1?

-Each tier should have unique abilities/modules for the ships it contains. Why should i use again a lower tier ship if it is just a worse version of another one, with less customization? The objective of players now is likely to rush to tier V where they can play again as they did before.

-Each ship should have different models, right now there are just minor variations between them; i understand it would be a lot of work, but it would ease the monotony of grinding for sure.

Maintenance, xp convert, grinding, etc are all monetization components that i can understand and not hate if playing the game is fun, so not only feeling grinding toward the best ships, but enjoing the other tiers too.

When i try to login the game says the servers are offline, but it seems to work fine for everyone else.

Is a problem i can fix with a fresh download or there are some problems with my account?


If you have the same problem, try to send a ticket to the support.

They gave me a code that once activated on the account solved the issue.

The real problem is that the scattergun is a downgrade of the plasma Broadside.

For 900m range it deserves more damage

Let's hope for better luck the next round

If the mail says that you have been invited to alpha you should contact DN_Tamat or DN_EmptyTuxedo with a private message here on the forums, or send a ticket to support to solve any problem.

MorbidBehemoth#3889 posted (#post-12848)

When did they post for Alpha sign ups?


I think they never did, probably they're just taking from the pool of the ones signed up for beta

FamousRaptor#5434 posted (#post-12782)

Don't think they count in forum posts. There are a lot of persons with just one post who are in. I kinda think it might be random or region related.

I did not receive a invite.

Region or even age related?

Maybe they want more mature people for this delicate phase.

I didn't get in too.

Usually F2P games have a wide choice in graphical settings, so that the majority of PC can run it.

More player=more money, so don't worry, probably there will be a setting low enough to work

on the below average PC.

Let's just pretend i said nothing

Happy testing to all the ones who got in, i'll wait for your first impressions smile