*eagerly awaiting hi-res images

co-op is one of those things at the top of our list. We don't have anything to share at the moment but trust me, we all want to try and get some form of co-op into the game.

Don't worry, we have some pretty big and violent exothermic reactions planned.

ooo ... I like booze.

I'm also toying around with Metis this week. Jupiter should make an interesting set piece :)

Dev blogs are certainly something we're aiming to have for you all. When we get closer to beta we'll probably have something for you. Believe me, I'd love to have a little blog dedicated to map making :)

I'm just throwing this out there

walks away whistling

Apart from various bug fixing, today I built a 1:1000th map of Jupiter and the Galilean moons. It's for referencing :)

Those spent shells are so big you could fill one of them with water and swim in it!

Well if gatling guns and corvettes are your thing then you should love the light corvette. It's got four massive gatling guns strapped to the front. :)

Derek-The-Human#5221 posted (#post-2613)

I haven't got a chance to play the game at all, but could someone who has tell me about the "torpedoes" available in the game? I see in the wiki that corvettes have them with cloak. How much damage to these do compared to a salvo from the dreadnought's medium range guns? How much damage do they do vs a salvo of tracking missiles from a dreadnought?

Torpedoes and Missiles essentially function the same way, get a lock and fire. Missiles generally have a longer range, do less damage per missile, and have a vertical trajectory when exiting your ship. Torpedoes typically have a shorter range, do more damage per hit, and have a horizontal trajectory. The trajectory makes a big difference when firing from behind cover or playing in space when there could be a structure above you.

The Dreadnought's heavy missiles do substantial damage if they all hit a target. However, they're slow and have the turning radius of a 70s Eldorado. Compare that to the corvette's torpedoes which can change course like a Mini.