IMHO the first module you should get is the t4 warp jump then immediately go for retaliator. After that it's up to you smile

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The "Warp Into Battle" task in career progression never updates =/

Completing the tutorial fixes this.

In our community hot topics #6 we mentioned how we plan to handle PvE for the future

We also just recently released a pve mode on the PS4 called havoc smile

Rest assured captains, we have more space maps coming smile

You're a captain.

Completely agree. More space maps are coming smile

Kappa Base and Dry Dock were indeed built with 5v5 in mind, so was Rings of Saturn. Rings of Saturn also has more places for players to move to and its dimensions are quite a bit larger than the other two maps. At some point I hope to go in and make some changes to Kappa Base and Dry Dock to better accommodate 16 players. Future maps will be built specifically with 8 v 8 in mind.

Bigger maps are certainly something I want to do. It's tricky because if a map is too big then certain abilities for dreadnoughts become a hindrance (armor amplifier for example). I have some maps in the works that strike a nice balance by giving players lots of places to go to make the map feel a lot bigger.

We also have more game modes on the way. We're looking at ways to improve TDM and we're talking about other objective modes too. Any and all ideas/feedback are welcome.

How are the new TDM respawning rules working out for everyone? I know they're not perfect but I hope it's a lot better now.

I think we've talked about this kind of mode as an extended version of TE or TDM. Keep in mind it wouldn't replace our third game mode ... which is in development smile