Jeslis#8939 posted (#post-36974)

ROS is going to be changed - the giant cylinder is going to be rolled 90 degrees (so there is front cover, but a clear ceiling/floor to shoot missiles in.)..

And alot more 'vertical' cover is going to be added, so that you don't get jumped from below/above as easily.

Good changes, if you ask me.

JamaicanPotato#0212 posted (#post-36952)

More maps would be great, can't wait. Saturns rings can gets a bit old smile

Not necessarily. Rolling the center rings is just an idea, nothing has been done yet. Rest assured that I'll keep you all in the loop once I start work.

We have 3 maps in the works at varying levels of completion, one of which is Red Sands. I hope to have a preview of this map very soon.

Thanks for the feedback. Progression is a huge topic for us right now so any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Sounds great! I told a number of people at Yager to be on the lookout for this event smile

The impression of speed feels different on certain maps. This is due to sense of scale from the environment and it's something we're working very hard on at the moment.

Gameplay-wise, the only thing the maps effect is gravity. Since there's zero gravity in Rings of Saturn, weapons like the dreadnought mortars will fly straight and missiles will initially travel further vertically.

Dry Dock is design to get teams to either make a serious commitment to move over the large mountains or to flank around to the sides. I still think there could be some extra vertical cover on either side of the central structure. In a future update, the spawning should be a bit better. I made some changes to how the game chooses which spawn points to put you at. I also pulled back the initial spawn points to the far corners of the map.

The change has already been reverted and should be visible soon. Check our twitter for updates. We also have more info coming later today.

Hey all, the change is being reverted. More information later tonight.

Hey all, we are reverting the change. It's already been reverted internally and should visible soon. More information coming later today.

You're all incredible. I love this community!