Our Glacier map that we showed off before is loosely based off Rollercoaster smile

Oh dear, did he say something about a third game mode? I wonder what it will be.


When it comes to bosses we wouldn't want to pit the player against something huge like Getter Emperor. We still want the players to feel big and important so a "boss fight" might be a large flotilla battle like Midway or the battle for Cardassia Prime. There might be room for a somewhat larger ship/flagship that players would have to fight against.

Just don't cross the streams!

Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we do read everything on the forums. Some of us even spend the time to watch streamers smile

We haven't done anything about it yet, but if we do decide that a future game mode would need more players in a match we'll try to find a way to make that work. While the technological implications of more players in a match are definitely real, gameplay-wise the number of players for TDM and TE feel good at 5 v 5.

I'd also like to thank all of you for all the feedback so far, I do enjoy reading through all the suggestions and feedback. smile

Yup, that's intended. The ship's movement is physics based so any large impulse will knock your ship around. I should also point out that the broadside has enough force to turn the dreadnought a little bit.

sum1online#7058 posted (#post-3871)

Thanks for the update! I'm looking forward to playing this game again after playing it at PAX South.

We've made a lot of progress since PAX south. We'll be at Gamescom this week so we're excited to show off some of the new stuff :)

Vertical geometry in Dreadnought's level design is actually one of the trickiest things to nail down properly. Too much of it and people tend to push into the vertical extremes well beyond level geometry. In addition the slow speed means climbing vertical structures a PITA especially if you have to do so constantly in a level. Another thing to keep in mind is that players generally have a difficult time moving and shooting at ships directly above or below.

Conversely, too little vertical geometry allows certain ships like snipers and dreadnoughts(loaded with missiles) to dominate.

We have some ideas planned for maps that take what we've learned and implement it into exciting levels. I can't wait to show some of it off :)