Hm, I dunno xD

This has been proposed already many times, as already said by Snib.

But I think there might be two problems, or maybe one, to tackle, which is the AI of these fighter-ships and maybe being able to give them commands.

So far, the fighter-drones launched by the Dreadnoughts are somewhat unpredictable on what they're targeting.

But I like the idea of a specific Carrier-Class and I think the DEVs already know that the wish for such a class exists, so they might be thinking about this^^

Wo wollt ihr denn hinpushen? smile

ingame isses der gleiche name^^

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Actively, or slowly drifting-away-style?

Sheesh, man, I know that the forums were quite empty, but this...

Well the DEVs said that at first (i assume they mean alpha and beta) they want to keep the Launcher seperate (and therefore not add Dreadnought to Steam).

I also understand that. Because when a game is not fully optimized, but launched on Steam, many new players come in and a few small bugs can make the game look bad. Most "early access" games on Steam are either a relatviely good hit, or more or less flop.

GamesCom again would be awesome, yeah smile

This time I might actually have time to go there ^^

Well, if you're in the closed-alpha, you should not really write and tell about it, Spai smile

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Well to be honest I think you dont have to report them.

As soon as the Mods check in, they'll be deleted. And bc. the Mods tend to usually check in rather frequently, I dare to say that you can bear with "cluttered" forums for like 3-5 hours ^^

It's not as bad as like Alex watching videos from Clockwork Orange or smth. like that smile