Awesome how a thread the would belong in alpha-forums is surviving this long in the wild world of forums smile

But I think the DEVs might add this sooner or later down the line xD

Well the Dreadnought already has the ability to launch smaller fighters.

However we've only seen this abiity only during a few gameplay-videos^^

Alpha-leute sollen nicht sagen, dass sie in der Alpha sind, wegen Stillschweigensdingens oder der NDA^^

Wenn man einen Alpha-code hat, gibts dafür auch ein Alpha-forum, denke ich.

Unreal Tournament 4 uses the new UE4-engine, too.

It's amazing how good the game looks and how cool and low the work for the GPU is kept at the same time^^

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Our Glacier map that we showed off before is loosely based off Rollercoaster smile



This would be a serious disadvantage for Dreadnoughts, I could imagine.

Dreadnoughts are slow, but have a higher Healthpool to counter this.

However when staying in the shadow of an asteroid, they are also very vulnerable to Nukes and Arty-Cruisers. So they either take dmg while slowly moving from cover to cover, or will be Nuked/sniped by staying in the same location for too long.

Maybe these obstacles and asteroids give enough cover to block the view enough, however as soon as a Dreadnought goes out of cover to shoot, enemies are also to damage him and lock onto him. So a Dreadnought will be surely attacked when as soon as he comes out of cover.

But I am still interested in such an idea, and maybe this would also work out with Dreadnoughts, I dunno smile

Officially, there are no requirements so far.

However the DEVs aim to optimize the heck out of this game, and as far as I know, a DEV-stream was held on a Laptop, if I remember correctly, and there were also some gameplays recorded on laptops, I think.

So overall, the game should be playable on almost any PC.

But not every laptop is the same, what specs does your laptops have?

Hmm, Tribes.... :> For all Tribes-fans out there: There's a new game on the horizon, called "Midair", + some old HiRez-DEVs are working on Tribes:Ascend again after a break of like 2-3 years.

Anyhow, in a CTF-mode I would play Zmey and camp at our Flag.

When the enemy has our flag and is about to return it, I will lock on to their Flagstand and send a Nuke and try to hit the Flagcarrier and insta-kill him, as he's about to return the flag.

Beer may be involved smile

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3vs5 is unfair...the enemies should call for more people to join them smile smile smile

Ok, I join them =)

Watcha talkin' bout? You belong to us, man! smile