I have already seen this smile smile

But this guy was actually one of the better players, considering that he was playing Dreadnought&the Dreadnought-class for one of the first time.

But he almost always used the damage-amplifier when his weapon was reloading, which means he was wasting precious dmg-amp-time smile

We are not sure how Crews will work, however I think the new Metal Gear Solid 5 TTP does a pretty good job at managing and using crews. (I don't think I have to go into more detail here smile ).

So as a payment one could not only set out Credits or Cosmetics, but also Crewmembers, for example.

(Or also certain Crew-members that excel at weapons-stuff or repairing, or etc. etc.)

Hm, I dunno, but there's also a realistic approach to that.

Because water would surely slow down ships like Corvettes. And engines may not work underwater, buuut.

When leaving the whole realism-part out of this, I also dunno.

It may be somewhat hard to make a map like this. And the water would maybe need certain reflections and graphical ressources, which would mean that optimizing the game could take longer^^

Best would be to maybe wait, let the game come out, and after it's been released and in a "good" state adding water-maps.

Hansel-costume? Wat?

For women it's a "Dirndl" and for men it's a f*ckin' "Lederhosn" smile


Odinous#5262 posted (#post-7632)

I will for sure try them all...but my love is still with that Monarch Dreadnought class...second class to own will be the Zmey...Then i will try reaching everything else..Give me Broadside!!!!

My Zmey...

Have fun, test and play the game a lot! smile

I hope we others will be picked up for the alpha soon, too!

I bet this is not just my situation right now.

Sitting near the Email-address, refreshing the website and being hyper-hyped smile

kupokitty#9272 posted (#post-7294)

I'm going to try designing some ships and tossing them into UE4 if I get any free time this week...


New designs are alays awesome!

Odinous#5262 posted

I will insist on the fact that i believe only one destroyer has the speed to ram actually,the others 2 are pretty large..

If you insist...

But I totally understand this, yeah, the larger ships aren't really useful with the laser-ram-ability.

However, you never know.... :]

If you equip the heavy Destroyer with the laser-ram, and another guy tries to ram you or comes close, you just pop the ram and laugh!

Well I have seen a Monarch-Dreadnought with a Nuke and I also think I've seen a medium-Destroyer with Plasma-Ram.

So I'm fairly sure, that some abilitites will be able to be shifted around.

Maybe not all, but quite some I imagine.