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I'm really interested in the destroyer(just not the plasma ram version).

All destroyers can equip the Plasma-ram or can switch it out for another ability^^

There are 3 sub-classes for each class (heavy, medium and light), but you will be able to switch out your abilities as you like.

(Thanks to Devas, who set it up)


welche sessions?

Beta will start in early 2016, Alpha hasn't even started yet smile

so your best bet is to sign up for the Beta on the homepage^^

Yeah, at GamesCom you could also sign up for the alpha, if you played enough matches, as far as I know.

I was hooked on Dreadnought since the teaser-trailer back at E3 2014 smile

Servus und Hallo!

Noch ein deutschsprachiger Captain!

Another german-speaking guy smile

There are already quite some german and greek guys here, as far as I know ^^

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I am personally not a big fan of in-game voice chat. I see it as a nice feature, but not really a necessary one, here is why:

  • The voice quality is sometimes poor

  • The UI is usually very poor and tweaking settings are a hassle

  • The voice chat usually only works when you are in a game and not in lobby/menus while you are getting your team ready

  • Players tend to be abusive and voice spam

Third party applications are usually more powerful and intuitive, while letting you talk outside of the game. I would welcome the feature further down the line, as it is quite important in team games if you aren't eager at making new friends. I know that at Gamescom they had Teamspeak running in the background.

I can't really sign this smile

I think the UI of in-game-voice-chats are often pretty good, since it is shown, who is speaking at the moment.

Some overlays like overwolf&co tend to be a bit buggy and/or display not correctly.

The DEVs could easily fix the voice-quality and pre-game-council-option, too.

But anyhow, most players will just chose which one they prefer, and third-party-softwares such as TS are just more comfortable for players who are in a group/friend/clan, etc., so I wouldn't be too worried about it now, since it's not a big "make-or-break"-feature", (from my point of view, at least).

Also people "abusing" the voip-system can easily be countered by ignoring/muting them, so I don't a big see a problem there, too^^


Thanks, brother!

Because in the end, we're like Trump&Trump

Thanks a lot, man!

J4nb1 also made something similar in a thread, but it drowned over the course.

You could add on top that there is no confirmation-mail being sent out, not for beta-signup, nor for newsletter signup smile

(Many new people made new threads about asking this, and the same questions was answered like more than 20x minimum already xD )

Yeah, alpha-players will be handpicked, so not just GamesCom&Pax-people, but also maybe forum- and reddit-users, etc.

Just hope for the best ^^