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Ahhh, thanks for explaining all of that. Makes the whole thing clearer for me : ) And now I can see that I may have been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole (i.e. trying to justify the healing idea by playing the dreadnought in a way it's not designed to be played).

It does make me want to explore the idea of a map having a repair station, though... smile Well, perhaps not a repair station, since it seems like all damage can be reversed quickly by a Tactical Cruiser. I'm picturing something like a docking bay that can be Captured by one side or another that would confer a bonus, either a temporary one for the entire team, or a buff on one ship that lasts until its death? Once Captured, the bay could (re)spawn two defensive turrets to deter enemies while a friendly ship goes in for 10 or 15 seconds, and when it emerges it would have an upgrade of some sort. This might be a topic already covered under different game modes though..

No problemo man, these are the forums, forums are there to discuss and produce ideas!

I can fully understand your idea and can get behind it. It surely would be a valuable addition to the game and would certainly change the flow and some strategies, too.

But the Heavy Destroyer and Dreadnought-classes would be a bit left out, since they are more "sitting-ducks" and far less maneuvarable than the Corvettes, Arty-Cruisers and Tac-Cruisers^^

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Bait is love, Bait is life

Screw your Tshirt!

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The gameplay alone looks so much fun, kinda slow but steady, and still full of action and combat.

Also pretty unforgiving if you make a wrong move.

Man, I'm so pumped for Dreadnought! smile

Thanks for the bait, Shero!

And I got a T-Shirt!

Yep, there are certain ppl here, who've never ever played Dreadnought smile

But we're nevertheless curious to get our own hands on it^^

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but the problem is that most of the time the bigger ships can never ever juke behind cover since they're so slow.

These big ships are sometimes in the middle of a fight and have 2 opponents to deal with. In such a situation you can not go behind cover safely, but you need emergency-heal, right nao! smile

Point taken, but I think the idea is to provide an alternative. Just as there are many other forms of defense in other games, I'd like to explore the possibilities for more variety - for both healing (spike healing, healing over time, sacrificial healing, etc) and damage mitigation.

Also, from some of the footage I've seen, even Dreadnoughts have limited warp jumping capabilities. If they're not engaging another ship at point blank range, it's plausible that they could sometimes find cover to warp behind without being immediately followed. Naturally it wouldn't be viable in every scenario. If the big ship is in the thick of it, even the tactical cruiser in its current form (i.e. short-range healing beams) is putting itself at risk by healing in that scenario.

Yo, I get your point and understand the idea, the concept behind this^^

Yep, Dreadnoughts have Warp-abilities, but there are 2 mainreasons why I still slightly disagree (bc. of Dreadnoughts smile ).

A) the Warp takes ~2-4s to charge up, and then you jump (and you only jump where the nose of the ship is pointed, so you have to turn around your ship to get behind an asteroid/behind cover to be repaired mostly, I think)

and smile the Warp takes up 1 ability-slot, to be precise I think it takes up the ability of anti-missile-lasers. So all in all, if a Dreadnought wants to be really combat-oriented, he will most likely take the anti-missile-lasers, bc. if multiple enemies target him and fire their missiles, the lasers can shoot them down.

You could also take the Warp, but I would use the Warp for a more close-combat-dirty-Dreadnought, with Warp, Broadside, Missiles and Nuke.

So go in, use Missiles and the Broadside, fire the Nuke at nearby enemies and warp out.

So the Warp is used a clutch to get in or to get out quickly, if needed.

I know that we had a certain discussion some time ago about the mini-map and a rather similar thing^^

There was the idea (by Jan, I think) to lay a simple grid over the map, X and Z-axis, so to speak,

seperate the map into different quadrants.

And when you, for example, maybe click on one square/location, the same area maybe glows/blinks, etc. on the other minimaps of the team.

Now this could lead to the problem that there would be A) a total mess of blinking areas during hectic matches, and smile you could annoy the whole team^^