Thanks for the quick answer, I changed it now!

Heyho and hello!

I've stumbled upon Dreadnought quite some time ago, but now I found it again because Nils&Hauke of the Rocketbeans were playing it today at Gamescom. Really cool to see that the DEVs are still on track and keep developing this game. From what I've seen so far (Gamescom&Youtube), even though Dn. is in pre-alpha currently, it has really awesome content and sees and works better than some other games that are in alpha, one could say. I'm pumped for the beta :D Cool to know the DEVs are (partly?) german, too^^

On a sidenote: How can you change your avatar?

Good to know, bc. I'll probably update within the next few weeks, but don't want to miss out on the Beta ;)