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I would like a bounty system. It would encourage people to play slightly different, which results in more variance in how the game is done, which can lead to more interesting games. Perhaps also add something for surviving if you/your squad have a bounty?

Interesting idea. I didn't thought about that. And, it would be fun =)

Scathelock#9874 posted (#post-8128)

I can see some opportunities here. In some of Homefront's multiplayer modes, there was a system that upgraded your status based on how well you were doing. For example, get enough kills, and the enemy would be alerted to your area of operations and be awarded if they brought you down. However, this is all built around the idea that you can gain currency within each battle for use towards perks and advantages that disappear once the battle is over. So far, I don't think I've seen anything in Dreadnought that works that way, either in the form of currency or killstreak abilities.

Perhaps as a disincentive against preying on new players, you could gain bonus experience based on the level of the target you defeat.

You are right: the part about use credits, cosmetics, abilities or crew is an assumption of mine. But I think that, as many other free to play games, there will be some kind of reward (currency) for the gamers based on the win/lose of the game, points made in the game or both. With this currency we should be able to buy many (if not all) of the items in the shop. Items that will be able to purchase also with money.

But than, will be player able to give currency/item/etc to other players? I hope devs will reply us =)

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I sure hope that the timeline doesn't get extended any further. Support won't stick around forever.

I hope that too. But I can understand them not willing to release a bugged game (even if we are talking about an alpha/beta phase)

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i think the devs are taking serious this competition.Maybe after NDA we can see it happening

But, after NDA mean beginning of 2016 smile

So, with a a couple of friends we were talking about Dreadnought, and how it will be awesome. And than, an idea: what about a bounty system? What if you can put a bounty on a player? Or even a squad?

Yeah cool, but to be killed is quite easy in this game. So, what would be more important than death?

I think, the Rank.

For a lot of players, the rank will be the only real objective in the game (as in others). So, what if I can hire some "dudes" to down-rank one of my competitors?

But how can I pay them? Credits, of course. But there are also cosmetic items, and maybe there will be particular items or abilities in the game that I can give them. And, if I remember correctly, the ship's crews can level up: wouldn't be that a useful payment?

So, what do you think about this idea?

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

You arrived just in time: we are warming up the engines =)

Welcome to The Fleet, Captain!

(responding to Devastator's summoning)

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That would certainly be refreshing. smile

But I think that might be time they don't spend developing the game.


Great piece Magnolia =)

You create a good "atmosfera" of excitement in your story

(forgive my awful wordplay)

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Congratulations to the people that are in the game. Just wondering though.. Is it a violation of the NDA if you simply mention you're in the Alpha but not "leak" anything about the content?

I've been in a few alpha/beta testings under NDA and they allowed you to say that you're in as long as you don't talk about the content.

I don't know for sure the reasons behind, but I remember Empty Tux telling/asking to the Alpha players to do not reveal their "status".